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How You Can Make Money Online With Absolutely No Marketable Skills

2013 March 12
by Annie Wallace

Whenever I tell people I make money online they tend to think I’m some kind of talented prodigy (if they don’t know me that is). I think as soon as I describe my job they imagine I must be some kind of mix between Mark Zuckerberg and DaVinici and that I’m somehow accomplishing something that they wouldn’t be able to without some serious training and luck.

In reality though that’s not really true (though I wish it was). The truth is that making money online is actually pretty easy if you know how to go about doing it, and that it’s something that anyone can benefit from if you understand business.

In fact if you’re willing to invest a little time and money you don’t really need any skill. The only skill is in daring to take the plunge, and knowing how best to spend that cash. Here we will look at some of the surefire ways you can start making money online right now without needing any technical knowhow or creative ability.

Selling an E-book


Selling an e-book on the Kindle store, on Kobo or through Lulu is a brilliant way to make money. For all these services all you need is a .doc file or a .pdf and once uploaded it will start appearing in those stores and people will start searching for it and buying it – from that point on you’ll make money while you’re sleeping. The secret to success then is simply in coming up with something that has a title people will search for and be interested in reading.

The best part about all this? You don’t actually need any writing skills to start making money this way. All you need to do instead is pay someone to write your content for you – which won’t be more than $1-200 dollars and then you can publish that. Alternatively, you can save even more money by opting to publish something that’s in the public domain. This is a little unscrupulous, but if you can find writing with no copyright there’s actually nothing to stop you selling it in an e-book (or physical book using Lulu).

Buying and Selling Websites

Africa's Web 2.0 Sites (updated)

Buying and selling websites is an effective way to make money that is a lot like buying and selling businesses. The secret is to look for websites that have a lot of visitors but that the owner isn’t fully monetising. Chances are that they won’t realise the value of their website, and so they’ll be happy to sell it to you when you offer them a healthy sum. Monetise it and you can then make money from it for a year or longer before selling it off for the same price or more…

Creating Websites

Web design Washington DC

Even creating websites won’t require any skill if you outsource the design, writing and promotion. Then all you need to do is to put some adverts on it or sell a product from it and you have a money making machine. Likewise if you manage to build up enough visitors over time and it’s profitable, you will be able to again sell the website when you no longer want it anymore and that way earn back all the money you put into its creation.

Affiliate Schemes

Affiliate schemes allow you to keep a cut of the profit (often around 40%) when you promote someone else’s good. You don’t even need a website for this – just get someone to design you a good advert, choose a good product or service, and then put that ad in as many places as you can. This could mean advertising on Facebook, through AdWords or on other people’s websites (try contacting the owners directly). In fact if you create a ‘landing page’ you can even make money from an affiliate scheme by handing out leaflets with your URL on – and all that will cost you is the paper, the ink and the time.

White Label Services

White label services are those that don’t mind you ‘taking credit’. In other words, you can get a gig online to build someone a website, then find someone talented who’s happy to do it really cheaply and keep the difference. You can do this as much as you like and the more money you earn the more you can put back into the system.

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