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3 Ways To Make Money Without Ever Leaving Your Dorm Room

2011 June 7
by Contributor

When you’re in school, the last thing you want to worry about is money. There are so many demands on your time – classes, homework, projects, study time – that finding the time to get more money coming in is tough.

However, there are easy ways to make money from the same computer you’re reading this with.

Before you run out and get that job at the mall, let’s talk about 3 ways to make money without ever leaving your dorm room.

Providing a Service

This is a quick way to use what you already know to make money. If you are a good writer, try writing articles for a fee. If you can design web pages, offer to build websites for other students and small businesses.

There are dozens of places online you can place an ad for your work, and if you offer an incentive, such a free sample, the money will come in right away. Becoming a freelancer is as easy as signing up for sites like – and it sure beats working at the nearest Subway or Starbucks.


Blogging is a great way to talk about subjects you’re interested in and make money while you’re at it. A lot of people start blogs that seem like personal journals, but lots of money can be made from blogs if you know what you’re doing.

Blogging is awesome option if you have a lot of money left over from your student loan. This is because, although blogging probably won’t make you money right away, it usually has long term professional if you can maintain a blog that can pull in some traffic.

First choose a subject you’re passionate about. Buy a domain and hosting, or use any one of the free blogging platforms out there. Set your blog up with Google’s Adsense, which displays small ads, and generate an income when people click on them. Better yet, create reports and e-books and sell them on your blog.

Of course you will need people to read your blog, so don’t forget about getting traffic to your site. While you can pay for viewers, the best way to get readers is to do free things like link building and search engine optimization. You can find information on the internet about different ways to drive readers to your site.

Affiliate Programs

One of the things that stops people from making money online is the idea that they “don’t know anything” or “have anything to sell”. Affiliate programs make those concerns disappear. Here’s how it works: You search for a product, website, or store that you are interested in, and for every sale you make of their items, you receive a percentage of profit.

While many people use blogging to run their affiliate businesses, others use classified ads, word of mouth, and article marketing to get the word out. Even legitimate, trusted companies like have affiliate programs, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll be scammed as long as you do proper research.

Let the other students worry about getting up early on Saturday to flip burgers. If you use one of these ideas, you can earn money any time you want, on your terms. Get started with one or all of these ideas, and you can make money without ever leaving your dorm room and concentrate on what you’re in college for: an education.

This article was written by Anthony Benedict. Anthony attended University of Michigan Dearborn all throughout which he made money as a part time online freelancer that included providing many online services like content writing services and many other White Label SEO services.

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  1. June 20, 2011

    I appreciate your desire to inspire and help students earn for themselves. Just like myself, I want to help to mums out there who wants to start a business online.

    let’s all continue this good work and help each other in our way to success!

    By the way, you could also add doing paid surveys, site flipping, copy writing and even staring an online shop.

  2. July 26, 2011

    Blogging can be a very viable way of making money. Though the pace seems slow, as long as one writes quality and timeless content, each post becomes like a virtual worker – always there to earn revenue. Initially it might be slow, just a few drops, but slowly they add up. And the best part – it can be quite passive as well.

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