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How to Turn a Poor Experience into Your Own Business Opportunity

2020 June 14
by Annie Wallace

How to Turn a Poor Experience into Your Own Business OpportunityWhen you become a mom, your career is affected dramatically, even if you do have support and help!

But sometimes those dramatic changes lead to a new – more exciting and better career!

This is what happened to Pam of The 3 Monkey Tribe! Here’s her story!

Pam had worked in retail management all of her life until she had to “retire” when her first son was born back in 1999 and after having 2 more sons in 2007 she was ready to get back to the workforce and decided to open her own business in Entertainment and Inflatables.

Pam’s family started the business back in 2007 and has grown year after year in the field and now the family is thought to be an authority in the industry running a successful and rewarding company while growing a family in the meantime.

Q. When and why did you decide to start your online venture? What inspired you? 

We started our business back in 2007 after my middle son wanted a water slide rental. We chose a local customer after struggling to find someone and had them come out.

It was an awful experience from the inflated mattress he stuck under the unit to the rug he put out to “catch” the water. Our grass took 1 year to recover as well as our backs from hitting the ground on this slide that should have been retired… that is were 3 Monkeys Inflatables was born out of thinking

“We can do way better than this if this is the best York County has to offer!”

Q. Please share your biggest struggles at the start. How did you overcome them?

Our biggest struggle early on was advertising and figuring out how to get the word out.

We knew we had an awesome service it was just introducing it to our world. We learned we needed to do social media, and advertising to get the word out. We never looked back after getting social media going, having friends and customers share about our business, and capturing the attention of our community.

I think making sure we had the proper keywords for our business and adding to content in our website also helped with our website ranking in the top pages of google.

Q. What ONE most important lesson did you learn when starting your business?

Our biggest lesson was trusting our instincts. This is important for any and every business owner. Too many times they get caught up in what their competitors are doing and not why they got into this business and that was to offer a different perspective and different service to our customers.

We do that by creating our own unique brand and following our instincts to create amazing experiences for our customers and to do that it starts with customer service and training of our staff and ends with creating clean and sanitized equipment and setting them up safely so our customers trust us and know we are looking out for them.

Q. What would you have done differently if you were to start now?

I would have hit the grown running harder if I was to start this process again, and what I mean by that is I would elaborate more in my website and pay close attention to that in making sure it is the book of everything within our business and is full of content by answering relevant questions, provides a full scope of what work we will perform for the customer and detail who we are as a business and what sets us apart from the rest without badmouthing anyone.

I would also have started social media and blogs quicker. I think those are all important to have started earlier.

Q. How can our readers connect to you online?

We have many ways the readers can connect. We are on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, youtube, and even have some amazing blogs that views can read online

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