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The Top 10 Entrepreneurs Of The Decade

2017 June 21
by Annie Wallace

The past decade has produced so many fantastic entrepreneurs that it is hard to choose which ones are the best.  I have split it into two categories.

I am going to start with the top young entrepreneurs of the decade.

1. Andora Svitak aged 12 has published two books and she has spoken at over 400 schools.  This young lady has been on Good Morning America and on CNN.  She has even started her own magazine Girlpez.  She is the youngest magazine publisher in the world.

2. Phillip Harman aged 15 won the 2008 Young inventor of the Year award for his invention which was a system that fuses optical fibers.  He is possibly going to the greatest inventor of our centaury as he continues to invent.

3. Alex Fraiser 16 in conjunction with his business partner launched Blogussion’s which is now the highest ranking blog on the internet.

4. Farrhad Acidwalla 16 launched his company Rockstah Media a year ago but it is already drawing customers from all over the planet.

5. Mark Bao 17 has made 11 web companies so far and even sold 3 of them so far.

6. Stanley Tang 17 published “eMillions” in 2008 and it went to the top of the Amazon Best-Seller list and this was when he was only 14.

7. Adam Horwitz teaches courses online he made $1.5million in 3 days with “Mobile Money”.

8. King Sidarth 18, publishes magazine, is an author and speaker.  He is even organizing teen conference.

9. Ariun Rai 18 has his own online advertising company.

10. Syed Balkhi 19 has a growing web service company that is called Uzzz Productions.  He gets traffic of 145 000 visitors every month to his site.

The top ten entrepreneurs I have chosen may not have all made their fortunes in this decade but their impact is still so relevant and they are still top entrepreneurs in this decade. I have not rated them according to fortune but according to my own biases on the impact they have made.

1. Mark Zuckerberg who is currently worth 13.5 billion is my number one choice for the sole reason that I LOVE FACEBOOK and I will be eternally grateful to him, plus he did actually create his business in this decade.

2. Sergey Brin and Larry Page the creators of Google have made my life so easy.  How did I cope before I could Google it.  20 years ago we did not even know the term now it has been accepted into the Oxford dictionary.

3. Marc Andreessen of the former Netscape gets my number three his company’s role in making the internet accessible to all by creating the first explorer cannot not be undermined.

4. Bill Gates I enjoy all the Microsoft office packages and I know a lot of it he did not come up with himself and he has quite a ruthless reputation but he put it all together and what came out of all of this changed the world for the better.

5. I give number 5 to Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Mike Markkula, although I have never had an Apple computer, I know they are very highly rated and that these founders changed the world with regards to personal computers.

6. One weekend Evan Williams and a team at his company Biz Stone got together on a brainstorming session and came up with Twitter.  I wish I could come up with something half as good in a weekend.

7. I have given 10 to IT entrepreneurs so it is time for a change I am giving the next two to business men who started their careers long ago but are still jetting around and making millions so number 7 I give to Donald Trump.

8. I give to Richard Branson.

9. Because I am hungry and he I like his franchise’s pizzas and he does have top ratings as an entrepreneur in this decade I give number 9 to Mike Illitch of Little Ceasar’s Pizza.

10. Adi Saravanan is not a name that many people may know.  His business of which he is co founder Allsec Technologies, has had a vital impact on the IT world and in the financial services sector.

There are so many outstanding entrepreneurs and it is very hard to choose the best ones and impossible to pay homage to all.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by yoppy

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  1. June 23, 2011

    I want to add one more name in these amazing personality group that is Pete Cashmoopre. Pete cashmore is the owner of one of my favorite blog i.e mashable. He just too good in distributing technological updates.

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