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How Stay at Home Moms can Start a Home Business

2011 March 5

Are you a stay at home mom and want to start a home business, but you don’t know where to start? The reality is that all you need to get started is business idea and a small amount of capital, and you will be well on your way to starting a home business.

Starting a home business is a great as it gives you the freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. Many stay at home moms begin the process of starting a home business, but stop in the middle of the process as they get discouraged by inevitable obstacles that will ultimately present themselves.

Here are a few tips to guide you down the path of starting a successful home business:

Knowledge is Key – Know What You Are Best At Doing!

Home based businesses tend to be really different from regular businesses, as they mostly involve a higher level of discipline and personal involvement from your side. Therefore, you should structure your home business around skills that you already have and focus your energy on creating a business around what you do best. For example, if you have great baking skills, then you may want to create a business around selling home based baked products. If you are good at planning, then you may be the perfect party planner.

Do You Have Adequate Skills?

Now that you know what you are good at, you should assess whether or not you have the adequate skills for performing that task. For example, you might be perfect at baking those delicious cakes and cookies, however if you get an order for a grandiose wedding cake, would you have the skill to complete the order to the clients specifications? By the same token, if you are a party planner can you plan a child’s birthday party with the same level of precision as a major corporate event?

Generate Your Business Idea

Once you have evaluated what you are good at and assessed your skill level, you should begin to target which home business you would be interested in starting. If you believe that you are not only good at baking and possess the required skills to manage a business well, then you may decide to start selling baked goods from your home or over the internet.

Start On a Small Scale

You should always start your business on a small scale. Initially, you should bootstrap your company in order to gain some experience and to keep your overhead costs low. You will also be required to wear many hats as it will be your responsibility to do all of the jobs that are required to make your business a success.

Evaluate the Profit You Will Be Making

When you start a business on a small scale, you need to know exactly how much profit your business will generate on a regular basis. Once you account for how much you will charge for your goods or services, you can make projections about how many sales you will make and as well as your projected profit margin.

Overall, starting a home business can be an exciting new venture for a stay at home mom. With a little bit of foresight and dedication, you can quickly build a home business that allows you the freedom to dedicate more time and energy to your family.

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  1. March 6, 2011

    One other thing to keep in mind. Some people have that gift where everything they touch seems to turn to gold…overnight! Some small businesses can get up and running in no time. For most of us, however, a business takes more time and effort than we anticipated. Yes, start small and be patient. Patient with the marketplace and with yourself if you make mistakes. Keep at your good idea and you can turn it into gold.


  2. March 20, 2011

    Some great tips here, Ann. I totally agree that it is important to identify what you currently have knowledge in and also what your strengths are. Of course, the other side of this is knowing your weaknesses. Don’t pick a business model that is going to require you to do things you are not good at or that you don’t enjoy! If the business model you are looking at does involve some of these things, you might want to consider outsourcing.

  3. March 25, 2011

    This article is full of tips for stay at home moms to begin working from home. The main thing to remember is find your niche. When I started out working from home I tried many different things. I found my niche and have been flourishing ever sense. Good luck ladies.

  4. April 10, 2011

    Just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your posts, and also wanted to encourage people that working from home is really the greatest job in the world. I LOVE what I do and just wish more people could “catch the wave” and enjoy all the rewards!

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