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Hosted or Self-Hosted Blogs

2010 April 16
by Dick Schaefer

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I agree with Ann that a self-hosted blog is the better way to go if you hope to be taken as a serious blogger, however, in my opinion, a hosted (free) blog is a great way to start and an economical way to find out if you want to become a serious blogger. Later on you can easily upgrade to a self hosted blog, especially if you choose a WordPress platform.

The main problems I see with hosted (free) blogs is that, in the blogging world, the word “free”, translates into limited functionality, loss of control and a lack of respect. Here is a great article on the 10 Reasons to Self-Host Your Own Blog, a very well written and comprehensive post on the subject by Dele Alawa. Having said that, I can tell you as the owner of 9 self-hosted blogs, it gets a bit expensive when you have to upgrade to newer versions and it’s a bit more complicated to run depending on the number of plug-ins you decide you need.

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