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10 Sites to Find Free Stuff

2013 March 8
by Annie Wallace

The Internet is a goldmine for freebies. Product samples, new items companies want to market to lucky customers, coupons and deals, free shipping, used goods in great condition…you can find almost anything on there. While the free stuff websites in the past were a bit iffy and took a lot of time to find valid offers on, things have changed. You can now discover useful items every day, without having to struggle or waste time.

While everybody has their favorite places for freebies, I am one of those people that keeps a list of bookmarked sites I check on a daily basis. You would be amazed and how much free stuff I have acquired over the last six months alone, including coupons that have allowed me to go out with friends and family on the cheap.

Of all of the sites on the web, these are the ten I have been most consistently impressed with.

1. Free Birthday Meals


A ton of restaurants now offer free birthday meals and menu items. But what you might not know is that email clubs also send out coupons on a regular basis, many as often as once a week. FavoriteCandle is a free database with no sign up that lets you search for these deals by location. Just put in your zip code or the city/state you want to check. Then follow the chosen deals to the restaurant site to sign up. They explain everything offered, whether it is a free meal, a buy-one-get-one or kids meal. You can also narrow down your results to only get the offers you want.

2. Freegle


This is a freecycling site that allows you to find others in your area that are looking to get rid of items from their home. You can post your own items up there as well, and nothing is too big or small. Sometimes you will find something as simple as a coupon they never used, or as large as a car they need to get our of their yard. You will be amazed by what you can find here.

3. Freecycle


Another freecycling site, this is considered to be the original large network of freecyclers. You put in your location and it will direct you to their Yahoo group, which you can then sign up for. Once you are a group member, you can request items you need, offer ones you have, or take a look at what people have posted and ask if they are still available. It is broken up by city, so you don’t have to worry about finding something too far to get.



Find daily coupons, offers and free samples at this useful website. They filter out the less valuable freebies so they only present the best ones they have found that day. You can follow their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest page to get constant updates, and share your finds with your friends. They also have other features, like Smart Shopping, Lifestyle, Food, Health and Fitness and Videos. Be sure to check out their blog.

5. Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Lower the price tag on your online purchases by cutting out the cost of shipping every time you spend. This is another free database with no sign up that lets you know every time there is free shipping offered from more than 4,000 different stores around the web. Big names like Kohls, Target and Walmart are regular features. You can also find other deals, as they present money saving coupons updated throughout the day. Search by keyword, store, categories, products, grocery, and track a package.

6. Freaky Freddie’s

Freaky Freddie's

Find daily updates on freebies, coupons and special offers from stores both large and unheard of. This helpful list provides a simple run down of all the deals they have found that day, updated each morning. You can also find out about getting free stuff and coupons by mail, something most sites don’t offer.

7. Craigslist


Chances are, you have at least browsed your city’s Craigslist before. In the classifieds section there is a section labeled Free. People offer anything that you might want, as long as you pick it up. From moving boxes to furniture, this is the simplest way to indulge in freecycling without having to sign up for any kind of account. Just check out the ads, email the poster and walk away with what you want.

8. Cities On The Cheap

Cities On The Cheap

Check out any city without spending a lot of dough to do it. Insiders from inside the cities find the best deals, whether they are for free birthday meals or activities you have to try. Then they send them into this site to be offered to anyone who could stand to save a bit of cash. Follow them by Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, RSS or email. They also have many online deals for sites like Amazon.

9. My Kids Eat Free

My Kids Eat Free

Want to go out but have some small mouths to feed? You don’t have to worry about spending $4 for Mac & Cheese you would make at home. Just find places near you where kids eat free. There are plenty of restaurants that offer free kids meals with a paying adult, and when you have quite a few little ones you would be shocked to see how much you can save.

10. Free Mania

Free Mania

This site updates throughout the day to give you the very best possible freebies they have found in every category. They also have an email service, sending you a list of the best deals every weekday so you don’t have to search through the site. I have seen a lot of unique deals here I haven’t found on any other site.

Know of any good freebie sites? Let us know in the comments!

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