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Cupcakes Take The Cake: How To Start An Online Cupcake Business

2013 September 9
by Annie Wallace

cupcake-businessCupcakes are taking the world of pastry by storm. These small treats have everything one could wish for in a cake but it is in a smaller, bite-size package. Biting into these tiny treats feels like eating an original recipe. With that said, more and more people prefer well-decorated and tasty cupcakes than other types of pastries. In addition, many people enjoy the fact that cupcakes are much easier to transport and distribute as compared to bigger cakes.

If you enjoy making cupcakes, then why not consider a cupcake business? If you enjoy baking cupcakes and you always receive positive feedback, you might be able to use your skills to make more money. With the increasing demand for these sweet treats and the ease of establishing an online business, you can earn additional income. So how do you start an online cupcake business?

Step 1: Be Creative And Perfect Your Recipes

The most important ingredient for a successful cupcake business is the perfect recipe. Your sweet treats must be better than what an average person can bake at home. In addition, your cupcakes must also be better than your competition. Aside from making your sweet treats mouthwatering, they must also be creative and unique. As a tip, you should develop your decorating and baking skills. Craft companies and community colleges might offer decorating and baking programs which you can sign up for to improve your skills. Investing in these programs early on might prove to be advantageous for your business later on.

Step 2: Get In Touch With Your Local Health Department

Before you can put up your business online, you must first contact your local health department. Find out about the laws associated with preparing, storing, and selling food in your local area. For instance, some regions allow you to start a small business at home provided that your kitchen meets the health and sanitation requirements. Other regions, on the other hand, will not allow you to prepare and sell food unless you use a commercial kitchen. Among the few things you should take into account are the following:

  • Determine and familiarize the health rules and regulations in your local area.
  • Your kitchen must be inspected by professional health inspectors and acquire the necessary licenses.
  • If your region doesn’t allow you to sell food from a home kitchen, you can consider using a local shared kitchen which you can rent part-time.

Step 3: Look For Proper Storage

Selling cupcakes online is less expensive since you won’t need an expensive facility and location for running your business. All you need is to find a licensed kitchen and to look for a storage facility where you can store your inventory. For instance, you can consider renting a self-storage unit which can house the cupcake boxes, ingredients, and other inventories needed for business. These storage facilities are secured and they are also climate controlled; thus, you can be assured that your inventories are safe and always in good condition.

Step 4: Obtain The Necessary Permits And Licenses

Depending on which state you plan to establish your business, you will need to obtain general business licenses and food preparation permit. You can visit your local agency to find out more about the licensing requirements and how to apply for them.

How To Sell Online

  1. Create an attractive yet functional website. You will need to provide your contact information as well as post photos of the different types of cupcakes you are selling. The website must contain all the information that your potential client might need, such as prices and descriptions of each type of cupcake.
  2. Apply for an account which will allow you to accept electronic payments. Before applying, you must determine what type of payments you can accept through the account. For instance, you must find out whether you can also accept e-checks and checks by phone.
  3. Use online marketing to make your online presence known. You can use search engine optimization and social media websites to advertise your business. You might also ask your relatives, friends, and initial customers to provide word-of-mouth referrals.

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