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Work Smarter, Not Harder

2012 April 8
by Contributor

As moms, we always have plenty to do. Managing school and extracurricular activities in addition to running a household can be more than a full time job in itself. For working moms, finding time to fit in everything we need to do every day can be quite challenging and even overwhelming at times. That’s why it is essential for moms, especially those who also have careers outside the home, to be extremely organized and manage time efficiently.

Some projects may seem daunting and overwhelming when looked at as a whole. However, they can me much more manageable when broken down into several separate tasks. Most everything can become easier when you work smarter. You can even do something useful when in the airplane. This graphic will provide you with tips to help organize tasks so that they get done without a lot of stress or hassle. Just take a deep breath first – you CAN do this. After all, you’re a mom and that in itself makes you amazing.

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  1. April 12, 2012

    wow what a great graphic representation, i really loved the idea of dividing the work in chunks and also keeping a file of good feedback, and revisiting it whenever feeling low, i would be applying these. Really being a working mom, sometimes really gets on my head… 😉

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