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Why Small Businesses Need A Digital Marketing Consultant

2013 March 28

Digital marketing is a relatively new form of marketing but it has quickly become critical in any business plan. The way a small business uses the Internet to market a product or service can easily mean success or failure. Timing is even more important for this kind of marketing. Because of the complexities of digital marketing, many businesses find that hiring a digital marketing consultant makes good business sense.

There are several avenues to take in digital marketing and not all are effective for all companies. Someone experienced with many business types and all of the various digital marketing forms will know what are the best matches. While the Internet creates greater access, it also has a timing element that must be considered. Good messages can go viral in minutes, but so can poorly created messages.

It All Starts with a Plan

A good marketing consultant will be able to create a marketing plan for a small business that touches the key considerations: what, when, where and how. What message should be delivered to potential customers? When should this message be delivered? Where should the message be seen? How will the message get out to the consumer?

The Search Dilemma

Web site searches are performed more often than not by consumers looking for a product or service. How does one make sure that their website will be seen? A technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complicated task and requires extensive knowledge about how the various search engines work. With that information, websites can be modified in ways that help their ranking with the search engines. The higher the ranking, the better chance the website will be seen.

Website Ads

Affiliate ads displayed in banners, footers or side panels in a website are an effective marketing tool for some business types. Again, one needs to know how to create the right message and where and when to display them. Pay per click (PPC) advertising can be expensive if the advertising effort is not optimized.

Email Marketing

Bulk message delivery through email can be seen as spam and treated like unwanted paper junk mail in the mailbox. People will just throw it away without reading the ad. This advertising technique is effective if one understands digital marketing. Creating a compelling message is the first step.

Identifying the target audience and creating or obtaining the contact information is important to make sure the message gets to people with some interest in the product or service. There are many metrics about consumer preference to help with this. There is also information about the best time to deliver an email ad. This is all useful information if one knows how to interpret and use the data.

Text Marketing or Bulk SMS

Using text for advertising is becoming more common. It shares many of the traits with email marketing. Delivering the wrong message to a lot of uninterested consumers can quickly backfire on a company. Knowing the tricks of SMS marketing is very important to create and build on customer loyalty.

A still evolving technology that will be a huge benefit to this kind of marketing is location awareness. This allows marketers to target consumers with location-relevant advertising as they physically make their way into the area. For instance, as a person walks into a specific neighborhood they receive a text message about the current dinner specials at a restaurant around the corner.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing through social media channels has been around for a few years and continues to grow and change. There are a number of venues and each has their own benefit for specific business types. Knowing how consumers use social media is critical to being successful with this type of marketing.

Some of the typical venues used now include:


These all have their own uses and benefits. Someone very knowledgeable in digital marketing and social media can sort out what will work best for any business. Engaged in the right way, social media can be a key part of a company’s marketing effort. The risk of alienating consumers is high if one doesn’t understand how to use them correctly.

Knowledge and Experience is Success

All small businesses understand this, but it is even more important when entering the world of digital marketing. Hiring a digital marketing consultant will be money well invested to get the most out of this marketing effort. It will also help reduce the risk of damage that can be done quickly when these techniques are not used in the right way.

This post was written by Jeff Shjarback.  Jeff Shjarback, MBA is a Digital Marketing Consultant, Writer and Blogger that enjoys blogging about digital marketing, business, finance, economics, emerging technology & innovation, future trend analysis and business philosophy.  To learn more about Jeff, you can visit his Google Author Profile.

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