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Why Ecommerce?

2012 February 3
by Contributor

Are you a brick and mortar business who doesn’t yet have an online retail outlet? While selling online might not be the best choice for everyone, more and more businesses are making the move to digital – and a good number are not even starting as a physical business, but going straight into the world of Google and Facebook.

Did you know that while books, electronics and apparel have long been go-to e-buy items, coffee, soap and diapers have been showing up as top sellers in recent quarters.

The world is moving to the digital space and consuming everything from their favorite TV shows to sharing that pair of jeans that they want to buy, or that dream dress they are dying to own, but just can’t afford right now (hint, hint).

Why are people moving to the e-commerce spaces to make purchases rather than going to the store right down the street? What follows are just a few of the main reasons.

Choices, Choices, Choices

In this “Great Recession” people have become quite a bit more price conscious – and the ability to readily compare prices from different manufactures while being able to look at the specs of the product – and sometimes even from different stores – all in one location, without having to change out of their pajamas or missing their favorite TV show.

Plus, the actual “stock” of many online retailers is much more expansive than a brick and mortar store. Even a comparison like Best Buy to Amazon is relevant – think of how many more different models and makes of cameras Amazon has online versus how many your neighborhood Best Buy has on display. It’s a matter of cost efficiency and space – in terms of stock, it’s very hard for a brick and mortar store to compete with the endless options that an e-tailer can display online while it’s stocked in some warehouse somewhere; there isn’t the same overhead for stocking shelves online as there is with a physical location.

And while price used to be a difference between shopping online and shopping at a physical store, that gap is narrowing, and there is even the e-tailer version of Black Friday – Cyber Monday!

Bring Your Friends

There is another aspect of e-commerce that is slowly affecting everything we do on the web. You know how people always want somebody’s opinion when they shop? Whether it’s asking your parents for financial advice or your best girlfriend if those jeans actually make your butt look good, our society right now is used to instant gratification and response, and e-commerce enables that.

When you’re shopping online, you’re a Tweet or a Facebook post away from getting more responses and opinions than you probably need.

We are a nation of consumers – and to be able to compare anything and everything and gets all of our friends opinions is too appealing to resist.

Amanda works with an ecommerce solutions provider, and she hopes that everyone has the ability to create an online storefront and flourish!

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by danielbroche

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