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What is the Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful Internet Marketers?

2012 December 20

Do you know that approximately 95% of all of those people interested in Internet marketing, never made a dime from Internet marketing? They jump over one method to another, searching for more and more money making ideas, trying to find one that works .

The fact is – every Internet marketing method works for someone. Someone got filthy rich from CPA marketing. The other one made a fortune with the Adsense websites. Also, some people have a small email lists, yet they are making more money than other ones who have bigger lists.

So, what is the catch? Simply, most of the people got involved into Internet marketing thinking they can make thousands of dollars with just 2-3 hours working per day. That is so wrong. Internet marketing is business like any other business. Treat it like a business.

Here are some tips which can help you avoid common mistakes in IM. Successful marketers avoid these mistakes. You should do the same.

Spamming and Pop Ups

The key to be successful in IM is to promote, not pester. Spamming and Pop Ups can be really annoying to your potential visitors. Imagine how many visitors and how much money you actually lose because of (ab)using these methods. If you have pop ups, get rid of that. The sooner, the better.

Low Quality Content / Lack of Fresh Content

I can’t stress enough the importance of content in your website. Low quality spun articles will only harm your website. Your visitor is searching for the information. If your visitors can’t find a relevant information on your website. He won’t come back.

That is also why you need to constantly update your website with new articles. That way you will send a clear signal to your visitors you take care about them and about the quality of your website’s content. You will engage them by providing unique and quality content more often.

Focusing Only on Getting More Traffic

Of course, driving more and more traffic is a great thing, but what if you are getting wrong traffic for keywords  you don’t want to rank for? In that case your traffic is meaningless. You should also focus on conversions. Analyze your data in Google analytics. See what are the most visited pages. How much time people usually spend on your website. What keywords bring them to your website?

Unreadable and Unprintable Pages

Have you ever thought what  Amazon, Google YouTube, Facebook,  EBay, and Wal-Mart  have in common? White background! Your page should be clean and readable. Maybe you found fluorescent green letters on a black background attractive, but believe me, most of the visitors won’t share the same opinion.

Also if you use a lot of colored text or graphics, it will make your visitors difficult to print out the pages on your website.

One more advice – Stick just with the fonts you see in mainstream magazines and websites.

No Offline Marketing Efforts

Many marketers underestimate power of offline marketing. Just because you are in Internet (online) marketing business, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to market your website offline. The aim is to drive traffic, right? Offline marketing can be even better in the beginning. Spread your flyers, make a posters. Pay for advertising in newspapers. Offline marketing can be very lucrative if you do it in a right way.

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Judy is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketer. Here judy shared with us some of her most useful tips for Internet Marketing. She is also a owner of Money Making Ideas Blog , a guide for beginners in Internet Marketing.

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