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What Do Chutzpah And Video Marketing Have In Common?

2012 July 30

If you’re new to video marketing, you may not have access to big budget production equipment, lighting or sweet backdrops. Working with what you have is essential to developing your online audience and ultimately, boosting your earnings to create videos that increase in their professionalism. Video marketing — the right way — requires a lot more than a webcam and Internet connection. Your content needs chutzpah (good or bad, because there’s no such thing as bad publicity, so they say) and character. How do you develop the required chutzpah? It takes time, research and more time. Furthermore, if you understand that most content does not go viral, you will be less disappointed when your videos fail the viral marketing test and more likely to keep trying.

 Going Viral on a Limited Budget

If you’re working with a low budget, chutzpah may be all you’ve got. Having limited resources does not mean your videos will be limited in their content. Using chutzpah, or the audacity or gall to say or do something, is one way to utilize one of the most likely reasons an Internet surfer will share your video — controversy.

When choosing the content for your videos, you should select a controversial approach that supports your business objectives. In addition, the approach you select should address serious concerns in your industry or display your company’s light, fun and interesting side. For example, Jonah Peretti (co-founder of the Huffington Post) has utilized several controversial content models, such as the New York “Rejection Line” and his Nike “Sweatshop” email exchange, to create viral marketing campaigns.

Creating a viral video campaign is all about what you’re willing to say and how well you say it. Content truly is king and if you offer videos that don’t contain substance, make a strong point or provide entertainment, most people won’t find a reason to share your information. Developing content that has chutzpah is important.

Target the Appropriate Networks

If you target people who don’t have time to surf the Internet for videos to share, your videos won’t get noticed. Making sure you target the appropriate group of people, such as those with lots of time on their hands, will ensure your content gets liked or shared.

You can accomplish this by analyzing your current market and identifying those most likely to spend more time online or those who are bored out of their minds. For example, Jonah Peretti suggests there is a network (the bored-at-work group) that seeks entertainment during the day online. If you can target this group of people, you are likely to see an increase in shares.

Furthermore, connecting with niche markets (exotic pet lovers, for example) that are related to your business objectives will certainly increase your campaign’s potential. You can also implement a campaign to determine what your audience appreciates. For example, asking questions about what interests your audience and what information they are more likely to share can only improve your understanding of what people want.

Market Your Own Videos

Developing, producing and disseminating your videos aren’t enough to get a viral ranking. You should share your videos with your audience, and others, to get the viral ball rolling. For example, you can post your videos to your current social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you provide a teaser that hints at the content to come. If you have the money available to pay for the initial shares, use it to begin promoting your videos. If not, you can begin your campaign by posting the video to your website and referencing the link each time you send an email.

Guest post by Paul Tibayan. He also writes for Video in Vancouver, a leading video production company that creates corporoate and commercial videos.

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