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Web Hosting For Moms

2010 May 1

Reliable and Affordable, gee Ann, you don’t want much do you?

I was like you, years ago when I started blogging there were not that many hosting options, so once an aspiring blogger decided to register a “real” domain name and go the self-hosted route, Bluehost was a good choice. Luckily I had a great webmaster who had worked with this really great hosting company – DreamHost and they have worked flawlessly for me for over six years.

I like them because their company is owned by it’s employees, a tight knit group that is not out to build themselves up to ¬†prominence, then abandon their customers to the fates by selling out to¬†investors or media conglomerates or other gigantic companies who care more about the bottom line than providing solid web hosting. Then when the “suits” show up and start changing everything you can forget about the kind of stuff you get now, like Dreamhost $50. discount coupons!

I have enjoyed their flawless service for over six years now, hosting all of my self-hosted blogs there and highly recommend their service. And their newsletters are a kick too.

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