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Ways To Use Your Company’s LinkedIn Page

2014 February 13

linkedinIt’s no secret that LinkedIn is one of the leading social media sites out there, especially for business professionals and entrepreneurs. Once you’ve created a company page on LinkedIn, though, what do you do with it? Just like other social media platforms, you can tell your business’ story, generate leads and engage with your community. The question is: how? LinkedIn doesn’t have super obvious ways of interacting, like Facebook and Twitter do, but you don’t just want to skip over the interaction opportunities of the platform, either. Follow these five tips for using your LinkedIn company page to your benefit.

Make Your Followers the Stars of Your Page

Taking a tip from LinkedIn’s company page itself, post unique, interesting comments from followers as the page’s status updates. Your audience will love to see their opinions featured on your feed. Ask questions to generate answers and to create a dialogue within the community. People will share and like your updates, which improves both engagement and visibility. Bonus: The statuses are already written for you, thanks to your fans – all you have to do is get them out there.

Recruit Employees

Lots of people use LinkedIn to find a job or when considering a career change. The “Careers” tab (which is a paid feature) lets companies announce job openings. Provide an overview of what it’s like to work at your company and wait for the inquiries to pile in.

Everyone Loves Free Stuff

If your business has freebies, like complimentary copies of a monthly magazine or ebooks filled with marketing tips, list them under your page’s products and services area. Just about any business can offer something for free, even if it’s a half hour consultation or a reoccurring newsletter with industry stats. Also use your page to announce contests and giveaways, plus special offers, discounts and sales. This gives users a great reason to follow your page – they’ll be handsomely rewarded.

Promote Your Other Social Media Profiles

Many of the people on LinkedIn want to network and connect with others. Provide links to your various websites and include calls to action in the messaging. If you post different things on your many accounts (Twitter-only contests, fun pictures just on Instagram, weekly sales for Pinterest followers), there’s a reason for people to follow you everywhere instead of just on LinkedIn. The products and services area of your company page allows for three images with embedded links on the rotating banner, which is a great way to direct people to the rest of your social media. You can also get more people to the products and services section by running an ad that leads people directly there.

Ask for Reviews

When you know that a client or customer is happy with you, ask that they weigh in on LinkedIn. Positive feedback encourages others to trust you, which leads to new customers. Instead of asking people on other social media sites or via e-mail to write a review, message them directly on LinkedIn from your company page. Make it easy for them and they’re morel likely to do it.

3 Quick Tips

  • Study successful LinkedIn pages and copy their tactics. Peek at LinkedIn’s own page and also head over to HubSpot’s page, which is extremely effective.
  • Visuals go a long way on social media and LinkedIn has banner areas where images can really make your page pop.
  • Keep up with the changes at LinkedIn. There are always updates and modifications to help individuals and businesses find each other and connect. By staying up-to-date, your page can live up to its potential.

Jason Bayless is a professional blogger that gives small business and entrepreneurs SEO advice. He writes for, a nationally recognized comparison website of the best SEO companies in the United States.

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