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Video Optimization 2014 Tips For ECommerce Websites

2013 November 25

videomarketingPosting a video and having a viewership follow, brings a lot of thrills. Online users discuss the intricate science of video optimization all across the world, especially for ecommerce websites. Its popularity is not only in social elevation, but also profitable return for the company.

Getting the best video optimization for your footage is simple if one can just ignore widely circulated misconceptions. Many of the popular techniques are faulty and derived from unexperienced people.

Before a video should be considered for upload, its quality in content must be considered.

The search engines we use daily all understand the level of competition they maintain from the real world unto the digital world. Therefore, cheap techniques like petty keywords don’t generate business to your video.

In a competitive world, with companies like yahoo maintaining business competition, it is the immediate task – of the marketing agent – to get web-content where it belongs.

Clear and Concise Links

It cannot be stressed enough that video viewership is not based on programming words. It is based on the choices that humans make. When people in general, or those you have invited, are ready to view your content, it must be as accessible and of good quality.

In regards to accessibility, well created and completed links are the tools. As the World Wide Web is continually receiving more information, being definitively available amongst the clutter is important. The accessibility of all content is a combination of three very specific tools. Everything not related to these three are questionable.



Titles are the most important thing for video optimization. Though video optimization can occur through word of mouth, Facebook sharing, and the likes, a well executed title on your video is the number one tool for searchers to find your footage.

The best approach for good titles are with three sectioned phrases separated by dashes. By using three related phrases, you create a wider possibility, that a random search will collate. By putting emphasis on the title of a video, the film’s producer focuses in on the biggest factor search engines consider when it scans its own memory. Searchers also look for data, via its name.

The use of dashed titles will look like this: ecommerce – candles wholesale – candles and wicks. If the uploader is a business, it is highly recommend to place the business name in the last phrase and to make sure not to use more than three phrases in a video title.


Description seems to receive more substantiation from SEO buffs than from the actual online interface. Descriptions may or may not be considered in a search. Here’s why. Though the first few lines in a description are used for searches, it occurs secondary. They are primarily for the user or internet searcher as people need to know what they are about to watch. Regardless, the internet can not discern what a video is without its title. Descriptions themselves will not take you there.

Because of this, descriptions should be short and are best used to post URLs and other relevant links.


Apart from any digital manipulation made to a video for SEO proposes, the quality of its content will dictate a lot. Because search engines feel the need to maintain an integrity to competitive markets, they also ensure that the majority of video relevance is based on its content and how people respond to it.

Video Optimization

Video optimization, in whole, is not rocket science. Yet, the more time you spend on titling a video, working on its content, and the very first line of a description, the more you are likely to compete when knowing what your consumers are thinking in relation to your product. This creates optimized titles for sound SEO videos that people want to see.

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Ben Sawyer is social media strategist since 2007. He is also owner of a small digital media online branding agency, based in New York. He often writes about various aspects and different strategis in social media marketing. Here he gave us very valuable tips about video optimization based on his work for Paramold, candle wholesale ecommerce website.

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