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Using Social Media for Business Growth

2012 April 24
by Contributor

The use of social media has become inevitable for today’s business enterprises due to its ever abating benefits. Any business not using this kind of marketing technique is bound to fail to stand in an ever increasing competitive environment.

There are many ways that social media can be used to increase the reach of your business. This is one of the easiest ways to not only reach your present customers but also the prospects all over the globe.

Presently Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are the most commonly used social media sites. It is very easy to source the origin of the clicks you are getting with these social networking sites. Creating a profile/page and updating it with useful information and facts can do the trick for you, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Here are some ways that social media can be used for business:

  1. Quick Feedbacks – With social media you can get quick feedbacks from your customers. Getting quick feedbacks can also help a business change its strategies as per its customers need. You can also ask the followers to comment on what they think of a particular product or invite suggestion for the ways to improve operations.
  2. Generate Demand – With the use of social media; you can generate demand for a product before it is launched in the market, by highlighting its key features on the various sites.
  3. Updating Customers – Social media is also a good way to keep the customers updated on the latest happenings and occurrences in the organization.
  4. Offer Discounts – To increase your following on the various social media sites, you can offer deals and discounts for those buying through these sources.
  5. Get Clients – Social media is a great way to build new clients. With many businesses and individuals using these sources, you have all your chances to get the ones who would be interested in your business.
  6. Help you Build Links – This is one of the best advantages that social media offers.
  7. Know About the Competition – If your competitors are using social media, you can watch their steps and plan your strategies accordingly.
  8. Publicity – Social media is also used to get publicity. Press releases and giving news to bloggers can get you publicity that you could have never imagined of.
  9. Get Employees – LinkedIn is one of the best sources to get competent and qualified employees. You can get a fair bit of idea about the candidate as well as the candidate can also look through your profile for the better understanding of your business.
  10. Watch Trends – With social media, you can also watch the latest trends going on in the industry. You can check out what is generating the demand and where. Some tools are available for the purpose.

Social media is the need of the hour. The possibilities and the challenges of social media are needed to be studied to remain profitable as well as to be in line with the ever increasing social world.

Abhishek Khandelwal is a SEO consultant and article writer. He offers his services to a number of clients offering products and services such as portable buildings, IT Consulting etc.

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