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Top Ten Twitter Tips For Small Business Owners

2013 July 9
by Contributor

These days, social media marketing is not something that any small business owner can afford to ignore. And when it comes to choosing a platform, Twitter makes for an obvious choice. It’s wildly popular, easy to understand and surprisingly low maintenance.

Should you find yourself at the helm of a small business and you’d like to use the power of Twitter to expand its reach, here are ten straightforward tips for doing just that.

Get Your Profile Right

First off, we have the small matter of your profile, here are a few tips for getting it right.

  • Choose a short handle, ideally your business name or an abbreviation.
  • Choose a flattering avatar, either of yourself or your staff, not a logo!
  • Write your bio carefully, think of it as an elevator pitch for your business.
  • Customize your background, stand out.

Give Customers a Reason to Follow You

There’s certainly no shortage of ways to attract a following on Twitter. Arguably the easiest way to get your customers to follow you however is to simply offer them something that they want in return.

For example, you might give everyone who follows you a ten percent discount on their next purchase. A well advertised competition is also well worth considering.

Provide Real Value

There’s nothing wrong with signing up for Twitter solely for commercial purposes. If you want to gain a following however, it’s important not to be blatant about it. In between tweets about your products/services, you must provide real value. Here are a few good things to tweet about:

  • Tips about how to best use your products.
  • Industry news/best practices.
  • Links to positive press mentions.
  • How your business operates behind the scenes.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Text

Multiple studies have shown that tweets containing links to images and video are significantly more likely to be both retweeted and responded to. Tweeting the right images can also help to demonstrate the human side your company.

For tweeting images, I personally use If you want to start tweeting videos on the other hand, your best bet is to use

Get Your Timing Right

If you want to maximise user engagement, it’s important to time your tweets carefully. Here are two useful tools for doing so:

  • Rather than sending out multiple tweets at once, upload them all to buffer and it will automatically space them out.
  • Use this website to analyse the activity of all of your followers. Find out when your followers are most active and tweet accordingly.

Integrate with LinkedIn

LinkedIn and Twitter recently came to a deal that allows users of both platforms to integrate their accounts. Once you’ve done so, your LinkedIn page will automatically display your Twitter feed. And every time you update your LinkedIn status, said status will automatically be tweeted.

Considering the benefits of being active on LinkedIn, you’d be mad not to take full advantage of this functionality.

Advertise Your Feed

Assuming you have a business premises, your Twitter handle should be widely visible there. It should be on your receipts, your business emails and business cards. It should be on your business website, and if you have one, your business blog. What’s the point of having a Twitter account if nobody knows about it?

Join Twitter Directories

One of the easiest ways to make industry contracts in Twitter is to simply join a popular Twitter directory. Twitter directories allow you to do two things. First off, they allow you to search for users according to both industry and their following. Secondly, it allows you to be found by people doing the same. The best Twitter directories include:


Analyze Your Activity

Some tweets are always going to prove more effective than others. If you want to maximise the effectiveness of your time on Twitter, it’s therefore important to learn what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t. To analyze the engagement levels of your tweets, all you need to do is use one of the many free Twitter analytics tools. Personally, my favourite is

Think Before You Tweet

Finally, if there’s one thing that every small business owner should know about social media it’s that when used incorrectly, it can harm a companies reputation just as easily as it can help it. Always think before you tweet. And if it’s something even remotely controversial, it’s probably something that’s better off left unsaid.

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