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Top Ten Tips For Building Backlinks On Wikipedia

2013 June 24
by Contributor

At number four on the worlds most popular websites list, there’s no denying that Wikipedia is the very definition of an authority website. There’s also no denying that if you want to build your very own authority website, it’s a great place to find backlinks.

The obvious problem with Wikipedia backlinks however, is that building them isn’t for the faint hearted. It takes killer content, accurate references and the ability not to scream when all of your hard work is suddenly deleted by an SEO hating editor.

The good news is that, though difficult, getting backlinks from Wikipedia is far from impossible. Should you find yourself on the lookout for some Wikipedia based respect, here are ten straightforward tips for finding it.

Take a Long Term View

If you’re serious about getting Wikipedia backlinks for your site or sites, the first step is to take something of a long term view. Both the ease at which you can build backlinks and the odds of them sticking around, largely depend upon your reputation on the site. Your first goal should therefore be to start building one.

Become Respectable

The good news is that building a reputation on Wikipedia isn’t particularly difficult. Here are a few tips:

  • Create a user page.
  • Make regular, high quality contributions (visible on your contributions page).
  • Make sure that you’re logged in when making them.
  • Engage with others through your Talk Page.
  • Ask questions on other peoples Talk Pages.

Cite Your Sources

The first rule of making long lasting page edits is that you need to cite everything that you say. There’s a big difference between a Wikipedia page and a blog post, opinions are nothing, facts are everything. And a fact isn’t considered a fact until a reference is added.

Know the Standard

Before you begin editing pages, it’s important to get a feel for what Wikipedia is all about. Take note of the language used and the level of quality that’s generally expected. If you can’t, or you are unwilling, to write to this standard, it’s best to accept this early on.

Put in the Work

If you want to be rewarded with a backlink, you need to add significant value to the pages that you edit. Unfortunately, minor edits just aren’t going to cut it. They rarely warrant a new citation and combining them with new backlinks is therefore an easy way to draw attention to yourself.

Don’t Self Promote

Another common mistake that can lead to near instant removal of your edits is self promotion. It doesn’t matter how well disguised, if there’s even a scent of a sales pitch, your edits are getting deleted.

Find Pages Where You Can Add Value

Look at things from the editors point of view. If a page is pretty much perfect as is, how much patience do you think he/she is going to have for your edits? Look for pages that are in desperate need of revision, addition or citation.

Be Careful About Photos

Photos make a welcome addition to any Wikipedia page and can therefore help to get your edits approved. When doing so however, it’s important to limit your search to those with a Creative Commons licence that supports commercial use. Photos without such a licence tend to get deleted almost instantly.

Be Worth Linking To

Don’t for a second think that Wikipedia editors aren’t going to check the site that you are linking to. A prerequisite of getting Wikipedia backlinks is therefore that you own a site that’s actually work linking to. It needs to have high quality content and, of course, content that’s relevant to the page that you are actually trying to get a backlink from. Content also needs to be freely available i.e. no registration requirements.

Promote Your Work

Finally, once you’ve added a backlink and you’re pretty sure that it’s going to stand the test of time, don’t forget about it. The value of a Wikipedia backlink isn’t solely in its authority, but also in its potential for direct traffic. And this obviously increases the better the page ranks. If you want to get the most out of Wikipedia, it’s therefore important to not only edit pages, but also to promote those that you edit.

Today’s featured writer, Michael Todd, works for PenTech Consulting, a firm that specializes in web design in CT. A fervent blogger, his blogs are popular for articles related to seo and web design.

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