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Three Steps to Getting Started In Guest Blogging

2011 May 25

Guest posting is a great gig. You get to take a break from the every day blogging game to write somewhere else. You have a new tone, new topics, and a new reader base. Not to mention you are possibly increasing the subscribers to your own  blog by showing off your talents somewhere new, where your byline can be seen.

But you already know why it is a good idea to guest blog. But what you might not be clear about is how to get started. But don’t worry, that is a breeze! These three steps can help get you on the blog of your dreams writing for all of the reasons above and more. All it takes is a little time and a little work, and you will be on your way.

Step One – Preparation

It isn’t hard to prepare for guest blogging, but it does take some patience. First, you need to know why it is you are wanting to write for another blog. Having a clear idea of your reasons will give you more focus as you look for places to write. You will also know how often you will want to write, and whether it will be a temporary position or something long term. The more you know about your intentions, the more information you can give the blog owner.

Next, you should decide what niche you will be writing in. It is usually best to stay with something in the general area of your own blog, so you will be more likely to bring in new readers. However, something slightly different, like another category in the same niche, is always nice for a fresh topic. For example, if you run a blog about auto repair, you could maybe write for a car review site or even classic cars.

Finally, you should put together a list of potential blogs to write for. There are three simple (but major) ways to do this. The first is starting from what you already know. Blogs of friends or family, affiliates, or just sites you regularly read and subscribe to can provide an excellent source.

A Google search is another great way of finding posting opportunities. You can usually find something by doing a specific source. For example, you could search for [“guest blogging” +timeshare]. The more searches you do, the better luck you will have of finding what you are looking for.

If you want something less vague, you can search out blog posting boards and websites that are dedicated to putting bloggers in touch with writers. is a good example of this kind of website. They usually have hundreds of posts for people who want someone to occasionally write to take the workload off.

Step Two – Create A Good Byline and Start Applying

A good byline is crucial. You want something that gives a quick explanation of who you are, your usual site (or affiliate) and how you can be contacted. Not only is this going to be the key to getting subscribers to your blog, but it might lead to future work. Think of it as an easy way to network with publishers, bloggers and readers all at once.

When writing a good byline, you should remember a couple of things:

  • Don’t talk yourself up. You can speak of having experience in certain areas, but try not to use terms like ‘top expert’ or ‘the best’. It is tacky and makes you look disingenuous.
  • Only include one link. You don’t want to bombard the reader with a million websites you write for. Pick the main one you want to promote and stick with it.
  • Contact information should be minimal but useful. Usually an email will suffice, but if you really want to you can provide a phone number.

When you apply, an online portfolio is helpful. Though showing your own blog is usually enough to give them a good idea of what you can do. If you like, you can provide them with a few samples from other blogs you have guest posted at.

Step Three – Wait & Don’t Be Discouraged

Not every application will pan out, but don’t feel bad! Remember that blogs receive a huge number of applications, and not everyone can be accepted. It might also take them time to get back to you. Just keep trying and be patient. It will pay off, trust me.
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  1. July 27, 2011

    You are right on the money. I think the most important thing, as you rightly mentioned, is to wait and not be discouraged. Guest posts are not an instant solution. They take time and effort. Some blog owners, when contacted, reply immediately. Others take their own sweet time. The process can be quite frustrating – at least initially.

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