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The Power of Mobile: 5 Tips to Marketing With Apps

2012 August 6

Everyone knows that the Internet is a powerful place to reach customers. But today’s consumers are not solely using computers to access the Internet and all of your powerful marketing. Instead, they’re doing a great deal of shopping and research on their mobile devices through the use of apps.

This is why it’s extremely important for your company to embrace marketing to mobile devices and why the creation of an app should be on your marketing to-do list. If you have not yet embraced the power of mobile marketing, the following tips will help you see app creation success.

1. Create a user friendly app.

The most important key to your successful app marketing is ensuring that it is user friendly. Even if your app contains all the information a user could possibly want, if they have trouble understanding how to use it, or if it’s at all faulty, they’re not going to use it again.

Make sure that you employ a trusted developer when it comes to creating your app, and spend the time and the money to have it thoroughly tested. Testing your app is extremely important to work out any kinks and bugs, so don’t rush this step in order to launch the app quickly. Users will respect waiting a little longer if it ensures they don’t have to deal with flaws.

2. Keep making improvements.

An app is not a marketing tool that you can launch and forget. It needs constant attention, care and maintenance. Make sure that you are still testing the app even after it’s launched to ensure it works properly. Read the reviews that users leave and pay attention to things they want to see or things they have issues with. If you notice that a large group of users complain about the same thing, fix it. If you notice that a large group of users have a certain item on their wish list for your app, see if it’s possible to do.

Constantly taking care of your app to ensure that you are giving users what they want will greatly benefit your marketing efforts. Doing this will keep users happy, and happy users continue to use your app.

3. Allow advertising.

When you allow advertising on your app, you are creating revenue from other companies and helping them advertise their product. It’s important that you only allow advertisements from companies that are not your competitor, as you don’t want to send them any business.

Some of your customers may be annoyed with advertisements, so you could always create two apps: a free version that contains ads and a paid for version that doesn’t. This way, you’ll be generating money either way and catering to your different users.

4. Create more than one app.

Not all of your customers are going to be interested in the same thing, so it’s important that you create apps that pertain to their different interests. For example, if you are a bakery, you may have customers that enjoy purchasing your products and you may have other customers that are interested in learning how to bake. Instead of creating an app that contains all of this information, create two: one that allows users to place online orders for your products and another that provides recipes and how-to guides for baking. This way, your users can pick and choose what they want without being bombarded with other bells and whistles.

5. Advertise.

Even though the app is an extension of your marketing tool belt, you still need to advertise it. Make sure that you are pushing it out through your social media channels. Have a link to download it on your website. Include a QR code to the app on any printed materials. Any way that you can get the app known, do it. The more you advertise, the more people will start to use it.

Apps are a great way to reach a large audience, and with the onslaught of customers using their mobile devices, it’s important that you use this tool to get your brand in front of your target audience.

Caroline Jones writes valuable online marketing articles for SEOMAP the keyword strategy experts.

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