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The Four Key Steps To Using eBooks For Increasing Your SERPs

2012 November 29
by Contributor

There are many ways of doing SEO in this day and age, but most people tend to concentrate on only a few of them. For instance, when you are in a business where you offer some kind of service, you may need to make use of concepts such as high quality content in order to get higher ranks, since this is the most talked about method of getting such rankings.

While this is undoubtedly a very good way of getting a high page rank, it does not mean that you should ignore other methods. It is always a good idea to also concentrate on the other lesser-known methods of doing SEO. When you have many different approaches to solve the same problem, you are bound to end up finding that it will be solved faster, since the effects of all these methods are additive. This is something that applies in many aspects of life, including SEO.

One of the things that you can do to increase your page rank which is rarely talked about is through the use of eBooks. There are many sites that make it very easy for you to publish eBooks these days, and you can take advantage of some of them to do this. This is because they tend to have a very good page rank and authority, and this means that any links coming from them to your site will end up increasing the quality of your site dramatically. The steps you need to take in order to use this method of SEO are very easy and include:

Write the eBook

The first step you will need to do is write the eBook in question. You can do this on your own, or you can pay a writer to do it for you. These days, it is very easy to hire writers online. If you are using one to write such an eBook, however, you need to make it very clear that you will own the rights to it once you pay them in order to avoid future problems.

The rules you need to adhere to when creating such content are the same as those you need when coming up with high quality content. Basically, you need to make sure that the content is engaging, easy to read and informative. You may also need to pay attention to issues such as grammar and punctuation to make it look more professional.

Find a site where you can submit the eBook

You will then need to find the best site to submit the eBook online. Most of the time, a quick Google search will reveal to you some of the sites that allow this to be done. You only need to choose one that is of high quality, and then submit your book to it.

Go through the process of submitting the eBook

Once you have found the right site, you need to go through the details of what you need to do in order to submit your eBook for publishing. At this point in time, it is very important that you also include links to your website in the book you are submitting, since this is the key to getting better page ranks. Once you have gone through the process of submission, you can then wait for the effect on your website.

Market the eBook

The good thing about using eBooks to do SEO is the fact that you can also earn some money off them. Of course, if you want to, you can provide the eBook for free, in which case you would end up gaining extra traffic to your site when people click the links in the book. However, if you want to, you can also decide to charge a nominal fee for the book, so that you can earn some money off it as well. If the kind of content you have written on is of high quality, it is often better to do this.

Whether you decide to sell the book or give it away for free, one thing you will need to do is market it aggressively. You can use facilities such as social media to do this. When you expose the eBook in this manner, more people are likely to acquire the book, and more of them are also likely to click the links to visit your site.

Mike is an SEO consultant by profession. He is also an avid blogger and is widely active on google seo forums.

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