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The Benefits of Working Remotely

2012 August 21

Employees and employers alike are starting to worry about how much everything costs, especially in the current economic climate. Transport costs are a big concern of employees in particular, especially if they face a long drive or train ride to the office, which is why more people are in favour of the idea of remote working. Working from home, as this infographic from Powwownow shows, has a number of advantages, not least saving money by not having to commute to work, but there are other reasons behind this trend.

The fact that communication has been made easier than ever thanks to e-mail, conference calling software and mobile phones has also played a part in the growing numbers of employees who work from home. Flexible working patterns, being able to contact employers without having to go to the office and a possible reduction in stress levels through reduced travelling also serve to make remote working palatable.

The conference calling experts at Powwownow have created this amazing infographic to show employers why it is a good idea for their employees to just stay at home instead braving tube madness to get to work.

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