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Steps To Setting Up Your Google+ Account

2013 February 21
by Contributor

Google+, with over 400 million active users estimated to be had by the end of 2012, is quickly becoming the next big hit in social media marketing and social networking. Most people, however, are still in the learning phase of the new platform, and Don Campbell offered a lot of advice to those in need of it via James Martell’s Coffee Talk podcast for developing entrepreneurs who are looking to expand and perfect their presence on the web.

Ask An Expert

Don Campbell is a social media expert who’s helped thousands of business owners build web presences for their businesses. In fact, he owns his own business called which does just that, and instructs at James Martell’s School of Internet Marketing (, which lets everyone reading this know that both the interviewer and interviewee of this discussion must really know what they’re talking about.

Why Should I Set Up A Google+ Account?

The projections don’t lie. Google+ is looking to have over 400 million active users by the end of 2012. Also, according to Campbell, it has several novel ways for business owners to connect with their customers and more effectively connect with peers and whomever they want to work with and get ideas from. Much like Facebook and Twitter, it has a timeline perspective, but it also has other cool features that no other site has, most notably the hangout feature, which allows you to have video hangouts with multiple people and it allows the option of others joining in to add to the fun.

There are tons of other reasons why Google+ would benefit you in business, but the most practical is the fact that everyone’s using it. So, if you don’t want to completely miss out on the possibilities of connecting with prospective customers, making yourself succumb to a completely nonsensical business decision, you should simply follow the steps to make an account.

1)   Set Up Your Google Account. If you don’t have a Google account already, it’s time for you to get one. It takes about 60 seconds to fill out the form required to register for a Gmail account.

2)   What To Add To The Profile? Like many other networking sites, once you get the account you need to fill out your profile. Campbell suggests you make two accounts and have two profiles, one for your professional personal being, and one strictly for your business’s web presence. This will allow you optimum opportunity to appeal to more people in different ways that can all benefit your business in the long run.

3)   How Do I Use It? The final part to setting up is learning how to use it. Be sure to check out all of the features, and don’t be overwhelmed by how complicated it seems, because it’s much like Facebook with some added goodies. Think about creating a local business add if you find it necessary.

4)   Integrate It. Integration is the keystone to modern social networking sites. Though they all seem to stand alone, they all work very well together as well (even Facebook and Twitter are capable of updating at the same time and syncing friends, so you don’t have to visit each site alone to carry over information from one to the other).

The best way to integrate Google+ to the rest of your customers so far is to integrate it directly to your business website. How do you do that? By getting a WordPress website, which used to just be for blogging, but because of professional themes like the WordPress Genesis Theme it’s becoming the new platform for most businesses because of its ease of use and aesthetic appeal. The Google+ Plug-In offered for WordPress users allows your customers that are one of the 400+ million active Google+ users to add you to one of their circles with the click of a button, and allows you to integrate your information and updates with those of your Google+ page.

Now that you know how to get your Google+ account set up, what are you waiting for? You should want to be one of the 400 million people who will be using the site by the end of 2012, because you’ll be sealing the fate of you and Google+ working together to bring your business some recurring business.

Beth Kelley is a former animal rights activist, turned sea worker, turned wife of Mike Kelley and editor of Once she and Mike settled down, Beth became a stay-at-home mother of two, stock-trader and PTA mom. She and Mike finally decided to put their skills and web experience to good use, by building a blog and website that would allow them to showcase their talents and help others succeed with their online presence.

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