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Spread Your Reach Through Email Marketing

2014 January 14
by Contributor

email marketingYou have everything that a good business should have – a market, inventory and clients but your profits are stagnant for a long time because you have fixed consumers so you decide on taking a big step to increase your market reach.

There is nothing better than the old tried and tested method of EMALING to get a wider reach of consumers.

Emails are the first thing 90% people check when they get online. For businessmen, web owners and bloggers, checking emails first thing first is like a religious practice and hence it becomes a marketing strategy that never fails nor faults, if done right.

Email Marketing is a marketing strategy of sending emails to potential or current consumers. It may contain advertisements, promotions, discounts or sales.

Acquiring New Emails

Of course this step has to be the first if you want to increase your market to a wider audience. Thus, you need new email address of potential consumers so you can send those emails about your company, product or service.

How do you acquire emails of potential consumers?

The productive and healthy way of acquiring new emails is by giving them a reason to be a part of your database or your company itself. This can be done through,

1. Giveaways:

Do you see how often you reach sites that ask you to register before you can get the benefit of a set of PSDs or images? Some sites will give you e-books if you subscribe to their newsletter.

Such methods invite new consumers to add themselves to your company.

Companies usually also hold contents that give you rewards. Well, now you know why they do that J

2. Referrals:

A good word from your friend company to their consumers is a great deal which is why it is always a good step to be friends with your complimenting companies instead of competitive companies.

Competitive companies/ businesses are ones that offer same services as you do and hence are threat to you. These companies will never send a good word for you.

Complimenting companies/businesses are ones that will go hand in hand with your service just like peanut butter and jelly. So if they are selling peanut butter, they will be happy to send their customers to you for jelly. It’s a mutual relationship.

Knowing what to send and to whom

You have now successfully acquired the email addresses of potential customers. Now you need to understand that not everyone should be dealt in the same manner. Different consumers require different types of email marketing strategies so as to make the right impact and correct impression.

There are 3 types of emails,

1. Mass Marketing:

Mass marketing is an email strategy that sends an email to all the customers on your list. This strategy should be used when your email fits all the audience such as a promotional scheme of Christmas, New Year e-greeting cards, winter sales, summer sales or opening of a new business.

2. Segmented Email Marketing:

This is a much intelligent choice to go for if your service or business caters to specific audience. The acquired emails should be sorted into different segments based upon how you collected them.

Example: Suppose you held an art competition and received contact entries from it. You know that this list of contact is your art audience. You can send them art related promotions, exhibitions, art sales and so on.

If you had an online survey for products, segment these contact information based upon gender, likes and interest so your future product emails will go to the right audience.

3. Transactional Emails/Behavioral Emails:

Transactional emails or behavioral emails are triggered upon some actions of the customer with your company. These emails can also be time triggered upon Christmas, New Years, Halloweens, Winter Greetings or Holidays.

Do you know that you are surrounded by behavioral emails? What if I said you receive at least 5 to 6 behavioral emails every day and what if I tell you that you click on at least 4 of them? That’s the power of behavioral emails. You don’t even know you are clicking on a marketing email but you are doing it daily.

All those emails you get about friend requests on Facebook, a new message on Twitter, a +1 to your post or a comment received on any of your blogs are all forms of behavioral emails.

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most used marketing strategies used by businesses all over the world irrespective of their working size. Those who are familiar with this strategy have been taking the benefits from it but those who are unfamiliar; here is why you should opt for email marketing.

1. Cost-Friendly:

Email marketing is the cheapest marketing strategy that gives ample times the results as compared to other methods of marketing.

According to Direct Marketing Association, for every 1$ spent in email marketing, there was a $40.56 return in the year 2011.

2. It Works:

Email marketing, when done correctly works effectively and efficiently giving call to action results that no other marketing strategy can do.

Exact Target conducted a survey in 2012 which said that 60% of Americans purchased online after receiving a marketing message through email.

3. Easy In All Aspect:

Email marketing is simple and easy to do. It is easy to create, easy to track potential consumers and easy to send out to the consumers.

With websites that offer premade email template services, email marketing gets easier and cheaper. Mail Chimp offers a variety of templates that are waiting for your words and ready to be used.

4. Global Reach:

Social media’s have a global reach too but email marketing is global reach plus personal interaction with your consumers. An email sent to your consumers globally makes them feel more connected towards you.

5. Immediacy:

Spreading word through social media is instant but the results are not instant. You have to wait till your message reaches your target market and makes an impact while email marketing, since it is a personal reach and also makes a strong call to action gives quick results.

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About the Author: Julia Fayre is a freelance writer currently working for Global Business Solutions that offers web design and SEO services in Dubai, UAE! You may read more about her here.

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