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2012 February 16

The purpose of social networking is to generate enough interest in a webpage or a piece of content that other people take over the promotion of the content. Social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook really kicked off this online revolution, however, blogging sites, Twitter and social bookmarking sites helped to expand the marketing potential of social networking. Today it is impossible to develop a strong online presence without the use of social networking. The latest addition to this marketing phenomenon is

What Is is a new social networking website that allows members to build image and video bulletin boards, which we will call “content” for the purpose of this article. The content is digitally “pinned” to their online board. This video / image can be from another website (as long as you abide by the copyright laws) and content can be added to explain what you pinned. The purpose of this site is to share information and to inspire online collaborations.

Using for Social Networking

There are several ways that you can use to promote your website, product or self online. The first way is to establish an online location where people interested in a specific topic can get a valuable piece of information. The information that you provide will be organized in a bulletin board. This board will not only contain the desired information, but it will also point the visitor to other pieces of content that you own.

Another option is to use to inform people about a special event that you are hosting. This promotional aspect of allows you to create an activity board. This can include maps, detailed information about the event and even provide links to where tickets can be bought.

Use as a fan base generator. Getting people interested in you, your writing, your business or your products is the biggest challenge that you will face as an online marketer. This social networking tool can help you with this by allowing you to create an attractive bulletin board that is promoted by the site. As you attract new visitors you need to offer some sort of value to visitors. This can be a coupon, a video, a how-to article or insights into an issue.

Finally, you can utilize this site for social networking by acting as a gatekeeper for the site. Pinterest requires a personal invitation to join the site. This means you can require your social contacts to go through your Pinterest page in order to get an invitation to join. The more people that pass through your page, the more exposure your content will get.

If you are interested in a Pinterest invite contact Madeline Binder, the author of this article, click on the link in this sentence. “I believe that Pinterest can be an interesting teaching tool.

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