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Should You Invest in a Make Money Online Course?

2012 March 28

There are as many courses that claim they will show you how to make money online as there are self-proclaimed Internet marketing gurus.  Since you are reading this, you’re probably wondering if such a course is worth your time and money.  For some people it can be a valuable investment indeed, but this depends on the quality and nature of the course, your expectations and your attitude toward online marketing itself as whole.

Before you spend a dime on an Internet marketing course, ask yourself the following questions:

What do you expect from Internet marketing?

If you expect to make “easy money” off the Internet, then no online course can give you what you are looking for, and you shouldn’t even try Internet marketing.  If ever there were days when it was easy to earn a living online, those days are gone.  Search engines are a lot more advanced now and cannot be easily manipulated.  You can’t build a 20-page site, inject AdSense codes in it, leave it alone and expect a passive income of $1,000 monthly.

You must understand that Internet marketing is hard, constant work.  A make money online course can show you the latest and best methods by which you can succeed, but these by no means can bring success without effort on your part. Only when you have this clearly imprinted in your mind should you even bother with Internet marketing courses.

What does the Internet marketing course promise you?

If you have decided that this business is for you, look closely at what these paid courses are offering you.  Do they promise quick results?  Do they emphasize a specific, no-fail, guaranteed technique?  Do they promise you will become a millionaire if you just pay them $100 for the course?  Do their claims sound exaggerated or too good to be true?  Worse still, do they promote “black hat SEO” (unethical) techniques such as link farming, link hoarding and excessive cross-linking between sites?

If so, it would be better for you to turn away.  Rather, pay attention to courses that sound sensible, ethical and realistic.  A real SEO and Internet marketing expert uses only white hat SEO and will readily tell you it’s hard work.  Further, he or she will acknowledge that no one SEO technique will do the trick.  Search engine algorithms are too complex and changeable to be beaten by a single method.

How much are you willing to learn on your own?

I will concede that some Internet marketing courses I’ve seen have real gems of information in them.  I’ve learned things from them that I’d probably have never figured out on my own.  Nevertheless, the basic techniques to make money with a website are the same: publish quality content, target the right keywords, promote with links, and so on.  You’ll find a lot of free information about this online and in books.  You wouldn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for some course that will tell you the same thing.

That doesn’t mean Internet marketing courses are always useless.  If you want to start quicker, or if you want a system or plan to guide you throughout your efforts, then a good course can save you a lot of pain.  I myself used one to start out.  And it was so worth it!

Will you have the discipline to stick to the program?

Even the best course is to no avail if you do nothing with it.  Believe it or not, there are people who pay good money for an online course and still don’t use what they’ve learned!  They would rather sit idly in front of their computers, listening to a webinar, trying out the latest keyword tool, or just vacillating.  Anything except the actual work of publishing, optimizing and promoting.  If this sounds like you, well, unfortunately, neither Internet marketing nor a serious make money online course is for you. The business is for those who persevere with the correct methods.

Guest author Blog Lady (L.J.) is a freelance writer, blogger and Internet marketer. She writes regularly at on topics such as freelance writing, Internet niche marketing, WordPress, SEO and Facebook and other social media.

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  1. April 1, 2012

    Thank your for sharing the nice article. I’ve not joined any Making Money Online Course but will do it soon.

    Best regards.

  2. April 1, 2012

    I think the biggest problem with taking a making money online course is that many of them are just shams. Lots of the courses teach old and outdated methods that don’t even work, and when you realize that the person selling the course is making their money by selling their product, not by following the methods that they are teaching you, it can be really frustrating.

  3. April 3, 2012

    Thanks for this interesting articles you share here! everything you need to know can be found online for free anyway..

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