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Should You Blog About Your Kids?

2012 June 21

With social media, blogging, Twitter and all the other ways we now talk about our lives online, it’s important to consider whether or not you really want these thoughts and stories out on the web.

While you can reconsider and take down your own blog post or Facebook status, that doesn’t mean it is completely gone from the internet. Google’s cache, re-posting on other blogs, screen-caps – once it is out there it can be very difficult to take it back.

Would They be Happy to See It?

While your own life experiences are yours to talk about as you choose, it’s important to consider whether or not it is appropriate to talk about your children on your blog. That’s not just because of worries about predators combing through your posts for information on your kids – while an understandable worry, it’s probably not a common occurrence.

A much more likely scenario is that you will innocently blog about a trip to look at the best office furniture Lancaster has to offer or the options for furniture rental Harrisburg has. During the course of this blog post you relate a funny anecdote about your child’s activities. Your child or your child’s classmates then sees this post and you are confronted by a very unhappy son or daughter.

Children’s Privacy


While you might see your posts about your child’s school activities or worries you have about their academic performance as just venting, your child may see it very differently. They will almost certainly see it as an invasion of their privacy, even if they do not come upon it until years later. It could even lead to a serious rift in your relationship, especially if you say something on your blog that is different to what you said to your child. Even posting your concerns about their math test when you told them at breakfast you were sure they would do well could rock your child’s confidence.

It’s easy to think of what your child says and does as being part of your life – after all, you no doubt consider them to be an essential and integral part of everything that you do. However, they are also their own little people and deserve a level of respect as an individual with a certain right to privacy.

While many parents simply want to share the joy and laughter that their children bring them with their readers, it is worthwhile to take a step back and think about how your child would feel about what it is you wish to share. You might even want to consider asking them ahead of time if you can discuss a particular incident or issue on your blog. You might be surprised at how the conversation would help you to bond and better understand your child.

This is a guest post by Michelle who blogs on everything from social media to reviews of the office furniture Lancaster offers.

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