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Saving Money via Moms Collaboration

2012 November 16
by Annie Wallace

Being a mom is expensive no matter which way you look at it, and, as we push into the holiday shopping season, that fact threatens to rear its ugly head more than ever before. Between coupon clipping and bargain hunting, you’re sure to save yourself a pretty penny, but the digital age has brought us another possibility: group purchasing in the name of deep discounts.

Made popular by the Groupon service that allows people to join forces in driving down prices, there are many new services that have something to offer a mom with savings on the brain! Check out these six tools for saving money by collaborating with other moms:

1. Family Finds: Family-Focused Goods

Family Finds

Family Finds is a simple service that gets right down to the business of saving you money by providing you with a daily deal on family-focused goods and services, always at prices that you won’t see anywhere else.

Based in the United States, Family Finds offers both local and national programs, meaning that you’ll have access to deals and coupons from both local family-owned stores and restaurants while also snagging deals at national chains.


Social coupon website Happier (currently in beta) takes things a step further as far as deals are concerned.

The premise behind “Happier” deals is simple: you pick out a deal on a product or package that you like, then start telling everyone you know.

3. MamaSource by Mamapedia

MamaSource by Mamapedia

MamaSource aims to be your one-stop-shop for daily mom-appropriate deals on products and services from a wide range of sources, offering a slew of deals directly aimed at mothers and their children. Besides having a surfable catalog of available items, MamaSource is also well-known for its subscription list, providing one outstanding deal each day directly to your email inbox.

4. Plum District

Plum District

Another daily offers platform with a twist, Plum District is run by a community of mothers who are interested in sharing money-saving deals with their counterparts, all in the name of making each mom’s life easier and more enjoyable.

The products at Plum District revolve directly around a mother’s well being, including foods, spa packages, luxury items, house and home accessories, and much more, making this a great place to shop for moms – and the people that love them!

5. Daily Deals for Moms

Daily Deals for Moms

Offering deals on products and services appropriate for moms and kids of all ages, Daily Deals for Moms uses the familiar deal-per-day format while also offering all past deals to members, so long as they’re still available.

The items on tap here range from coupons for savings on martial arts lessons for young sons, to purses and clutches for teenaged girls, making this an excellent choice when it comes to saving on a variety of goods for the whole family in a single online location!

6. Eversave: Local Products


Does saving up to 90 percent on local services and major brand names sound appealing to you? Eversave is a great all-around home for daily discounts and a large catalog of deals, giving you cheap access to restaurants, supermarkets, national retail chains, local mom and pop shops, and much more, including access to both coupons for local shopping and promo codes for online purchases.

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