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Red Flags That Should Turn You Off of an Internet Marketing Company

2012 January 24

With more and more business beginning to prioritize their focus on online marketing efforts, or even move their business and marketing online altogether, a good Internet marketing company has truly become essential.

Unfortunately, this rise in demand has seen somewhat of an increase in the amount of incompetent, shady, or even completely fraudulent online marketing providers that are out there. Getting stuck with a poor internet marketing company doesn’t just cost you the money that you pay them, it costs you valuable time in which your competitors can surge forward and can even do lasting damage to your reputation.

While some companies are well known for providing quality services like WebpageFX SEO packages, others are less trustworthy. Watch out for these red flags when you choose an Internet marketing company.

You Have No Way to Assess Them

You don’t have to be an SEO and online marketing genius to have success in online business and brand recognition. After all, that’s why you hire a marketing company to begin with. However, as with any element of business, you need to be able to assess whether or not you are getting value for money. A good SEO company will provide you with data and metrics so that you can both know whether their efforts are paying off.

They Don’t Ask You any Questions

The best Internet marketing companies will be choosing you as much as you choose them. After all, why would a successful company want to take on a client for whom they cannot provide the services required – it will just lead to headaches all around and poor word of mouth.

If a company instantly promises that they can fulfill all your needs without enquiring as to what exactly you are looking for, you can bet they have not actually assessed their own capabilities.

They Have Poor Communication Skills

While it’s obvious that a company with typos in their emails and on their website should be avoided, these are not the only communication skills that matter.

When you are communicating with a prospective provider of online marketing services, make sure to pay attention to their communication. Are they speedy in their response? Do they always answer your questions in full? Are any delays flagged well in advance?

Many companies put their best foot forward with prospective customers, so if any of these areas cause issue before you give them your money, you will likely not be treated better once they have your cash in hand.

Too Much Jargon, Not Enough Details

Beware of companies that flood you with data, statistics and buzzwords, but don’t actually provide any concrete explanations. It might sound good, but what does it actually mean? All too often this aversion to plain speaking is hiding a lack of competence!

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