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Reasons for Moms to Get an Online Education

2012 October 24
by Contributor

Online education is becoming more popular since it provides individuals with the opportunity to study from anywhere with minimal disruption to their lives. This method of obtaining a college degree gives mothers a unique opportunity to return to school. With all of the other roles mothers have to take on – in one day, you transform from chef to chauffeur and from entertainer to tutor – you may be reluctant to become a student as well. However, in a lot of ways, online classes are easier on mothers, and there are lots of reasons why the effort is worth it for you and your family.

Pros of Online Education

Online education is flexible. You don’t want to be rushing back from a college campus to pick your kids up from soccer practice. You don’t need to feel guilty about leaving your kids alone because, with online courses, you work from home. Taking classes will still require a lot of time, effort, and discipline, but the advantage is that courses can be done at your own pace, on your own time. If an emergency comes up (e.g. your child has discovered that dish soap can make a lot of bubbles), you can leave the computer and come back when everything is settled. If you are out running errands, you can download your university’s mobile application or upload their mobile site to check assignments (because you know how long the line at the bank can be).


Online colleges and universities are designed to accommodate your needs. Whether you want to finish a degree you started, begin a degree from scratch, or simply take a few individual courses, the school’s advisers are there to help you accomplish that goal as easily as possible. For example, Rasmussen College offers a program called AcceleratED that allows students to use previous credits and finish a bachelor’s degree with six-week courses. Students can speak with the school’s advisors to figure out the easiest and fastest way¬†for them to complete their degree.

Costs Implied

Another benefit to taking classes online is the lower cost. It is estimated that 80% of mothers attending college receive financial aid through grants, scholarships, loans, or special discounts. Through a program called Moms Return to School, single mothers who wish to return to school can now receive a Pell Grant for up to $5,000 by completing a FAFSA form. There are also scholarships specifically geared toward mothers, including the Talbots Scholarship Program and the Women’s Independence Scholarship Program.

Even without financial aid, the tuition for online colleges and universities is generally lower than on-campus schools. The lack of a commute to campus and the use of online textbooks also cut down costs.

Further Opportunities

The best reason for mothers to take classes online is that it increases opportunities for you and your family. The top three reasons mothers gave for going back to school were higher income, personal growth, and employment or professional opportunities. Having a college degree can earn you a higher salary at a current job, or it can help you obtain a new job. In our struggling economy, this could be vital for you and your family. On average, a person with a bachelor’s degree earns $25,000 more per year than someone with only a high school diploma. Degrees open up a lot of jobs for stay-at-home mothers, such as bookkeeping, website design, or technical support.


Most importantly, women at any stage of motherhood should take online classes because they want to increase their own knowledge. Take classes related to a hobby that you love or a new skill that you are interested in developing. There are plenty of practical reasons to take online classes. But if you are going to put the money and effort into an online education, find your personal reason for why obtaining a degree will be beneficial to you.

Veronica Mason has worked as an academic adviser since graduating from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in education. She enjoys learning and writing about innovations in education, particularly online classes.

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