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Psyching Up For a Workout or Blogging

2012 May 22

How many of us decide to start a new blog or a new weight loss routine but after a few weeks we feel like quitting? The best of intentions are worth nothing until they are put into action. For many of us, the dreaming is not a problem; getting out of our comfort zones and putting those dreams into motion is our Achilles heel.

If you have a problem getting out of bed for that early morning jog you’ve promised yourself over and over, or getting started with that diet or putting those ideas that constantly swim in your mind down into a blog post, you’re not alone. While a few of us are blessed with an innate drive that gives us the willpower to do whatever we’ve set our minds to, the majority of us mere mortals will struggle to find that psychological lift. Looking at the tasks ahead of us; the physical exertion of a workout or the mental drudgery of penning an article, we are filled with a sudden lethargy and postpone the matter for another hour, another day, another week or another year.

Yeah, that’s me, you say, so what can I do about it? Well first of all, recognizing you have a problem and need help is always a step in the right direction. So congratulations. The next thing you need to do is make use of the tips we’ve put together below. They can be a great help as long as you let them.

Create the right environment

It is a proven fact that we will be influenced by whatever we give our attention to, and this, more often than not, is what surrounds us. So if you want to be influenced into working out, surround yourself with fitness magazines or tune in to aerobics programmes on TV. As you see the benefits of weight loss programmes on other people, you will find yourself getting inspired to do what they’re doing. In essence, they give you a goal to aspire to as you work out.

The same principle applies to blogging. The best way to stay motivated as a blogger is to be part of an environment of bloggers, online marketers or internet business owners. I am lucky to have a lot of blogger friends who I have met through their websites or social media like Facebook. Being part of a blogging community is important for this reason.

Lace up for blogging and training

What makes actors so convincing to us when we watch them in movies and on the TV is that they are dressed for the part. If you want to convince yourself that you are a fitness freak even when your morale for exercise is low, get into that track suit. Pull out those trainers and lace them up. I guarantee you that taking this first step will motivate you to take the next, be it going out for that jog or hopping onto your exercise bike. Getting dressed for exercise is the first easy step many diet and training companies, like Weight Watchers and TRX Suspension Training recommend to get out of your comfort and into the training mode.

The same applies to any online business. You will hear claims stating that blogging is something you can do from the comfort of your own home, while you are still in your pyjamas. Though this is physically possible, it is not the most effective way of blogging. As a full time blogger, I personally work much better when I put on my office clothes and go to my office to work, just as I would do in any other job.

Now please share with us. How do you get going when you don’t feel like it? When you have days you feel down or bored, how do you persuade yourself to keep blogging or training?

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  1. June 12, 2012

    I am relatively new to the blogging/internet business world. I was excited and motivated to start but fell flat on my face a couple months in. It’s all well and good to be your own boss as long as you’re bossy with yourself from time to time! I found the answer for me has been to have a “faux boss”. I needed someone to be accountable to. I now e-mail my coach daily to let her know I’ve spent from 9:30- noon working at my computer. It’s made all the difference in the world!

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