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Save Money During The Holidays With These Simple Tips

2013 December 19
by Craig Timmins

christmas-shoppingThe Christmas season, meant for sharing good times with family and friends and giving thanks no matter what your religious affiliation might be, instead often turns out to be the most draining time of the year for most people. Unfortunately, a large portion of this stress comes from financial concerns.

How can you afford travel costs to see extended family, chip in for a beautiful Christmas dinner, and still be able to afford presents for all the kids? While some of these expenses can’t be avoided, there are several things you can do to cut down on your holiday shopping costs and allow yourself some extra financial wiggle room. read more…

How To Make Presentation Folders Into Marketing Tools

2013 December 19
by Contributor

presentation-folderNowadays, presentation folders not only hold paperwork but have a wide array of uses. You will find folders indispensable within any office environment and you may be surprised about presentation folders acting as marketing tools. You should learn more about this inexpensive and rewarding method to advertise and publicize your brand.

Why Use Folders for Marketing?

Due to the popularity of presentation folders, these items have become yet another marketing tool. You can easily customize your folders according to exact specifications and you will be ready to use them for publicity. The process of customizing is much easier and cheaper than other methods of branding, marketing or promotions you can think of. read more…

How To Check Your Online Reputation

2013 December 16
by Contributor

reputationDid you know that you may have an online reputation? If you’ve been active on the ‘net, whether it is social networking on sites like Facebook or simply blogging and commenting here and there, the chance of your name ‘being out there’ is a very real possibility. And it is a good idea to check on that reputation from time to time. It is the internet, you know, and there is just no telling what is being said! read more…

Top Ranking Business Schools In The US

2013 December 11
by Contributor

educationBusiness school graduates are among the most demanded and desirable employees. Having MBA gives you numerous advantages over other job applicants. However, you can use this advantage and get a prestigious and well-paid job only if you choose the right Business School. The wrong choice of school and MBA program could be a critical waste of time and money.  Down the page you will find the list of the top ranking Business Schools in the United States. read more…

Manage Your Employee Hours And Pay: Three Things To Monitor For Payroll

2013 November 30
by Contributor

timeAs a small business owner you probably do not have a dedicated human resources department, and more than likely you use some kind of outside bookkeeper or accountant to handle the processing of your payroll.

Unfortunately these professionals are only able to make a correct payroll if they have all of the right information from you, but because of the difficulties in calculating payroll, it can be easy for you to make mistakes. Small mistakes become magnified over time, and you need to protect yourself from potential lawsuits and IRS actions by giving your payroll processor the most accurate information you can. For payroll there are three things that you really need to pay attention to. read more…

Getting Your Business Up And Running After A Disaster

2013 November 29
by Contributor

puzzle-elementsWith Hurricane Sandy and the tornadoes in the Midwest, disaster recovery for businesses and homes alike has become an important topic in the news.

As a business owner, knowing what to do before and after the disaster can help speed up the process of getting your business back up and running.  Whether you are checking in with team members to assess how they faired or you seek the services of satellite internet providers, you’ll need a plan to get back to work on time. read more…

What Happens In A Disciplinary Or Grievance Investigation?

2013 November 28
by Contributor

news-paperWorkplace investigations are a tricky thing to get right. When managers have to investigate allegations or incidents, it’s essential that they focus on finding out what happened rather than looking for evidence to support what they believe happened.

The consequences of getting an investigation wrong can be serious. The employment tribunal system is full of cases where the employee won their claim because the investigation conducted by the company had been insufficient. Even if things don’t get that far, a poor investigation can damage working relationships and result in staff leaving.  read more…

Productivity Issues? Smooth Out Operations in Your Office

2013 November 27
by Contributor

office-organizedMaking your office run more smoothly is a top priority for every business owner.  There are a lot of different things that you can do in order to ensure that your office operates as efficiently as possible to maximize productivity, improve the customer experience and allow employees to focus on the tasks that matter.

The efforts you undertake to make your office run as smoothly as possible should center on making it easier for employees to do their jobs and ensuring that employees aren’t hindered by technology problems or a lack of access to necessary supplies. read more…

To The Other Side! When To Move From Freelancing To Employment

2013 November 26
by Contributor

back-workTo most people working the corporate 9 to 5, the idea of being a freelancer sounds like a dream job. You can work outside in the sun if that strikes your fancy, or even next to a pool. You can start work at 5AM or 10 AM, no one is waiting for you to punch in. You can choose your clients and control your own business. It sounds like every working person’s fantasy!

Unfortunately, every silver lining has a dark cloud inside. For some, the idea of freelancing might be more appealing than the actual job itself. Some people find that, once they move to freelancing they are suddenly working more than ever before and earning less. Where they thought they would have more time to spend with family and friends, they now have to work evenings and weekends just to make ends meet. In between all the hours of work, there is still marketing yourself, building a client base, networking – it’s enough to make one wish for a holiday, except as a freelancer you don’t get paid holidays! It seems safe to say that freelancing might not be everyone’s cup of tea. So, when would you be better off in an employed position? read more…

Video Optimization 2014 Tips For ECommerce Websites

2013 November 25

videomarketingPosting a video and having a viewership follow, brings a lot of thrills. Online users discuss the intricate science of video optimization all across the world, especially for ecommerce websites. Its popularity is not only in social elevation, but also profitable return for the company.

Getting the best video optimization for your footage is simple if one can just ignore widely circulated misconceptions. Many of the popular techniques are faulty and derived from unexperienced people.

Before a video should be considered for upload, its quality in content must be considered. read more…