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7 Top Tips For Safeguarding Your Online Identity

2014 January 25
by Contributor

privacyThe internet can be a fantastic way to have fun, learn new things, catch up with friends or simply read the news. However, just because you’re using the internet legitimately, that doesn’t mean everyone else is! You wouldn’t go around with your name and address on display to everyone you to talk to, so life online should be no different.

How to Protect Yourself Online

Passwords – People tend to use the same password across a number of websites, but this isn’t a good idea at all! Try to mix things up and use different passwords especially for things like online banking. It’s also a good idea to get into the habit of changing passwords regularly. Make passwords hard to guess – don’t use names and make sure you use a mixture of letters and numbers. read more…

Authorized Personnel Only: Opt-In Email And Its Types

2014 January 23
by Contributor

authorizedOpt-in is a common term used in the field of e-mail marketing. It is derived from the word “opting in” and refers to the process when an internet user gives you the permission to send him e-mails. The term “permission marketing” was coined by Seth Godin.

Acquiring permission through the opt-in process is a really important aspect of successful e-mail marketing. Professional internet marketers use the opt-in lead lists for sending out e-mails. This is the most reliable and credible form of online marketing. In case you send an e-mail to someone outside of the opt-in bracket, you are technically “spamming” them. read more…

Five Books That Help Get Kids to Eat Their Greens

2014 January 16
by Annie Wallace

books-kidsOne of the most effective way to get children to eat their greens is to get them involved in cooking. For many moms a challenge, cooking together with kids can be fun, and rewarding, especially when the end result is a healthier diet, and lifelong healthy eating habits.

Children can do all kinds of simple chores in the kitchen. Depending on their age, they can either wash salad, greens, and fruit; or snip herbs with kitchen scissors. Older kids can help prepare a salad dressing, and even cook simple meals, under adult supervision, from the beginning till the end. read more…

Marketing A Leisure Product Through Your Customers

2014 January 16

social media marketingNothing quite builds trust in a product like the testimonials from your actual customers. In order to gain testimonials you of course need to offer a superior product or service (but we are going to assume that you already have that). So since your customers are already enjoying what you have to offer, let’s discuss how to entice them to share their experience with the world!  read more…

Spread Your Reach Through Email Marketing

2014 January 14
by Contributor

email marketingYou have everything that a good business should have – a market, inventory and clients but your profits are stagnant for a long time because you have fixed consumers so you decide on taking a big step to increase your market reach.

There is nothing better than the old tried and tested method of EMALING to get a wider reach of consumers.

Emails are the first thing 90% people check when they get online. For businessmen, web owners and bloggers, checking emails first thing first is like a religious practice and hence it becomes a marketing strategy that never fails nor faults, if done right.

Email Marketing is a marketing strategy of sending emails to potential or current consumers. It may contain advertisements, promotions, discounts or sales. read more…

5 Ways To Ensure Your Business Runs Smoothly

2014 January 2
by Contributor

business-smoothlyDoing business on a day-to-day business can be all encompassing and sometimes that constant work can cause oversights in your company’s efficiency.  When your business runs smoothly, your work seems to be easier.  To maximize efficiency, you will want to take some care with your operations.

Eliminating redundancy, employing turnkey vendors that can take care of full processes like asset management, and employing an IT service can make all the difference in your business.  read more…

9 Great Tips To Motivate Your Interns For Better Engagement

2013 December 23
by Contributor

internsIf you have an engaging workplace then the chances are you also will have interns who are motivated and willing to go above and beyond their station, not merely making the tea.

Interns work for little or no pay and had a fire when they came to work with you and gain experience. By leaving them to their devices and not developing them then you fail to provide them with the engagement to ignite them and get the most from them. So, how do you do that? We take a look at the best ways to engage your interns. read more…

Save Money During The Holidays With These Simple Tips

2013 December 19
by Craig Timmins

christmas-shoppingThe Christmas season, meant for sharing good times with family and friends and giving thanks no matter what your religious affiliation might be, instead often turns out to be the most draining time of the year for most people. Unfortunately, a large portion of this stress comes from financial concerns.

How can you afford travel costs to see extended family, chip in for a beautiful Christmas dinner, and still be able to afford presents for all the kids? While some of these expenses can’t be avoided, there are several things you can do to cut down on your holiday shopping costs and allow yourself some extra financial wiggle room. read more…

How To Make Presentation Folders Into Marketing Tools

2013 December 19
by Contributor

presentation-folderNowadays, presentation folders not only hold paperwork but have a wide array of uses. You will find folders indispensable within any office environment and you may be surprised about presentation folders acting as marketing tools. You should learn more about this inexpensive and rewarding method to advertise and publicize your brand.

Why Use Folders for Marketing?

Due to the popularity of presentation folders, these items have become yet another marketing tool. You can easily customize your folders according to exact specifications and you will be ready to use them for publicity. The process of customizing is much easier and cheaper than other methods of branding, marketing or promotions you can think of. read more…

How To Check Your Online Reputation

2013 December 16
by Contributor

reputationDid you know that you may have an online reputation? If you’ve been active on the ‘net, whether it is social networking on sites like Facebook or simply blogging and commenting here and there, the chance of your name ‘being out there’ is a very real possibility. And it is a good idea to check on that reputation from time to time. It is the internet, you know, and there is just no telling what is being said! read more…