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Cupcakes Take The Cake: How To Start An Online Cupcake Business

2013 September 9
by Annie Wallace

cupcake-businessCupcakes are taking the world of pastry by storm. These small treats have everything one could wish for in a cake but it is in a smaller, bite-size package. Biting into these tiny treats feels like eating an original recipe. With that said, more and more people prefer well-decorated and tasty cupcakes than other types of pastries. In addition, many people enjoy the fact that cupcakes are much easier to transport and distribute as compared to bigger cakes.

If you enjoy making cupcakes, then why not consider a cupcake business? If you enjoy baking cupcakes and you always receive positive feedback, you might be able to use your skills to make more money. With the increasing demand for these sweet treats and the ease of establishing an online business, you can earn additional income. So how do you start an online cupcake business?

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How to Launch a Home Business on a Little or Non-Existent Budget

2013 August 1
by Annie Wallace

calculatorThe Internet has fundamentally changed the business world.  Entrepreneurs no longer need investors, staff, inventory, or even office space.  They can work from home, invest time instead of money, and grow their startups from humble beginnings into major moneymakers.

As a seemingly endless well of free resources, the web provides everything an amateur businessperson needs to get started: from coding tutorials to website templates and payment platforms.  Of course, starting a profitable business is never easy.  It requires industry insight, financial savvy, networking skills, and quite a bit of patient persistence.  But it is nonetheless possible for just about anyone with enough determination to launch a company without capital.  Here’s how: read more…

Great Productivity Lessons For Bloggers From Self-Help Books – Lessons From Five Self-Help Books In Five Minutes

2013 March 18
by Annie Wallace

I have a great self-help book called How to Save an Hour Every Day. It has lots of little productivity tips and a ton of great advice, but there’s one amusing irony – reading the book itself takes a few hours meaning that a simple way to save time would be to skip reading it entirely.

The same can be said for many self-help books, and useful though many of them are, they do tend to be a bit self-indulgent and ramble on. What makes this dangerous is that many people seem to be under the illusion that reading them is the same as actually improving themselves. It’s not: if you really want to improve yourself then it’s no good to just read self-improvement – you need to live it. read more…

How You Can Make Money Online With Absolutely No Marketable Skills

2013 March 12
by Annie Wallace

Whenever I tell people I make money online they tend to think I’m some kind of talented prodigy (if they don’t know me that is). I think as soon as I describe my job they imagine I must be some kind of mix between Mark Zuckerberg and DaVinici and that I’m somehow accomplishing something that they wouldn’t be able to without some serious training and luck.

In reality though that’s not really true (though I wish it was). The truth is that making money online is actually pretty easy if you know how to go about doing it, and that it’s something that anyone can benefit from if you understand business. read more…

10 Sites to Find Free Stuff

2013 March 8
by Annie Wallace

The Internet is a goldmine for freebies. Product samples, new items companies want to market to lucky customers, coupons and deals, free shipping, used goods in great condition…you can find almost anything on there. While the free stuff websites in the past were a bit iffy and took a lot of time to find valid offers on, things have changed. You can now discover useful items every day, without having to struggle or waste time.

While everybody has their favorite places for freebies, I am one of those people that keeps a list of bookmarked sites I check on a daily basis. You would be amazed and how much free stuff I have acquired over the last six months alone, including coupons that have allowed me to go out with friends and family on the cheap.

Of all of the sites on the web, these are the ten I have been most consistently impressed with. read more…

How Moms Can Use Pinterest To Promote A Web Shop

2012 November 1
by Annie Wallace

Whether you’re an Etsy seller or you sell independently, it pays to use social media and any other free marketing methods at your disposal. Because that’s exactly what social media is, it is a free marketing tool. And one that can boost your business.

However it’s important to be strategic about and use social networking in a way that helps with your goals. read more…

Learning From Your Experience

2012 October 6
by Annie Wallace

In 1981, Jerome Chazen, the co-founder of the fashion house, Liz Claiborne, took the company public. It was not until 30 years later that Chazen finally came to understand that although the instant profits made by the flotation at that time were exciting, it was not beneficial to his company in the long-term. He states that:

“I think we allowed the growth potential to overtake the company instead of us being in charge of it. But…it was so exciting, for me anyway, to report better and better numbers, especially after we went public … I loved those quarterly [numbers] that were up 20% or 40%, whatever. I think, looking back now, that I got carried away, that we should have done things more moderately.” read more…

The Cost of Starting an Internet Business

2011 November 16
by Annie Wallace

In this economy, which is having trouble bouncing back from the recession, employment has been difficult to come by. Even when the economy is robust, additional costs of employment, such as gas and daycare, take their toll on the pocketbook.

For these reasons, starting an online business can be a dream come true for many people, because the costs associated with child care and transportation are greatly reduced. Nonetheless, if you want to make money and not be stuck with debt from a failed business, you need to be aware of the start-up costs involved in this endeavor.

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Earning Money Without Getting into Trouble: How to Identify Work at Home Scams

2011 October 2
by Annie Wallace

In these trying times of global recession and mass unemployment, an ever increasing number of people are looking for viable ways to earn a living whilst working from home. Whilst it is entirely possible to set up a successful home business, there are many pitfalls to avoid in the process of doing so. The most dangerous of which are the pre-made made home based business ‘opportunities’ and work at home scams.

Research conducted by Staffcentrix in January 2009 indicated that when looking through a sample of 5000 work at home job leads per week, there was a 54 to 1 scam ratio. Offers to teach people how to become a mystery shopper, home typist or envelope stuffer seem to be the most popular methods for enticing people to part with their money, though by no means are they the only types of cons to be encountered when trying to find out how to work from home. read more…

Is There Still Money to Be Made by Blogging?

2011 August 2
by Annie Wallace

Ask the average failed blogger and they’ll tell you there is no money to be made by blogging today. Ask someone like John Chow however (he makes more than $500,000 per year running his blog, and he’ll laugh at you and tell you how silly you sound.

The fact is that it is definitely possible to make money in blogging today. However, you need to know a few things in order to be able to do it effectively. Here’s what you need to know: read more…