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Mommy Wars and the Internet

2012 September 4
by Contributor

The “mommy wars” are waging, and the Internet is the stage. There have always been disagreements and cliques among mothers in the stands at soccer practice, but the Internet has given the mommy wars a much bigger battleground. Mommy bloggers and commenters alike challenge each other’s opinions and practices and often do so in a way that’s downright offensive and rude. Why are the mommy wars so intense? How should all the Internet drama be dealt with? Let’s take a closer look at the battle.

The Rise of the Mommy Blogger

A large proportion of all bloggers – possibly as much as one-third – are mothers. “Mommy blogs” are incredibly popular and some are extremely successful, so much so that some stay-at-home-mothers have become work-at-home-mothers who earn a significant portion, maybe even a majority, of the household income. The blog about shopping, cooking, saving money, homeschooling, parenting techniques, embarrassing moments in childcare, marital issues, beauty, and so much more. Mommy blogs have large followings – and just about everyone who reads them are mothers, too.

Intense Parenting Battles Begin

What do all these mothers have to battle about? Parenting, of course. Mommies in the mommy wars all hold the opinion that their way is the right way – and everyone else is potentially screwing up their kids for life. What is a mother more passionate about than her children? That ferocious “mother bear” attitude has lead to some heated discussions and dramatic debate. The mothers who participate can’t simply read someone else’s blog post or comment that contradicts their feelings and stay silent – they absolutely must point out the “error” in the other’s ways.

Can Mommies Unite?

The mommy wars are pretty ridiculous, to say the least. Who is to say that, for example, cloth or disposable diapers are best? And even if there is a right answer, why do the mothers who do it wrong deserve to be torn down and brutally skewered by the others? The reason that the mommy wars get so heated over the Internet is that the Internet makes everyone a little braver. Typing a comment is not the same as saying the words to someone’s face, because most mothers wouldn’t dare incite such a debate in person. There are calls from others for all the mothers to just get along, but unfortunately it’s not that simple.

Fighting Fair

Just because the Internet is an anonymous, impersonal forum, it doesn’t mean that there is no way to tame the wild mommy wars. Individual blog owners can take steps to keep the debates on their posts civil, at least, by implementing conduct rules and enforcing them. Comments that break the rules, such as those that call names for example, would be deleted. Disagreements need not turn into all out wars. Some might see comment moderation as censorship, but it’s also a step toward encouraging healthy debate by showing that harsh and hurtful wars will not be tolerated. Mothers do not have to agree. They, like everyone else, should simply fight fair.

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