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Mom Worry Number 47: College Bound Roomate Hunting Solved

2013 June 30

Have you got enough to worry about? Here’s a possible solution to at least one Mom worry.

Mom’s using the web and even mobile to further careers, the family, even to expound on expertise from blogging to sharing recipes, the blog and social sphere has seen it all. Products reviews or “how to” clinics on just about anything under the sun, one thing the social web has not been so noted for is hooking the kids up with anything other than Facebook games, Angry birds, and a rock concert or two, here and there.

Okay, maybe that’s not the most fair assessment, but the point is valid to a degree, I’m sure you’ll agree. An infographic and some social media stats we ran across the other day tell of at least one way moms can help out college bound kids. Why is it hard to believe such things as finding a college roommate via social is a good idea? If kids can hook up with the perfect place and person to share with off at school, isn’t it a big bonus for parents too?

Check out the novel and interesting ways college bound students can connect via SM.

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