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Marketing Trends for 2012

2012 June 13

Marketing is gradually moving away from traditional formats such as television and print. Online marketing is here to stay and it’s set to get bigger. If you’re not utilising the myriad benefits of the Internet, what are you doing? Today’s marketing landscape is not just about broadcasting how good a product is. It’s all about engaging the consumer one-on-one through social media, feedback and useful content. The Internet is being used to form personal relationships with the target market and not just to advertise services or products. This trend is set to continue through 2012 and beyond. Here are this year’s tools which will take your marketing to the next level.

Timely, expert content

Everything hinges on timely, relevant and useful content. According to The Boston Globe, Google is all about social media this year. Content needs to be up-to-date and trending with the Twitteratti. The more social media mentions the better, as this will create brand awareness. This can only be achieved if your content is top-quality and if it serves a purpose for the readers. Blogging will continue to be a powerful medium, as businesses usually get 55% more visitors to their sites if they have a well-run blog (Hubspot study). According to the Memphis Daily, when writing blog posts you need to position yourself as an expert or guru.

Internet on the go

This year is all about being mobile. According to The Boston Globe, tablet sales now out-do desktop sales in the US and this trend is set to continue. Smartphones have also exploded onto the market, enabling people to access the net (and social media) anywhere, anytime. Mobile marketing is still considered peripheral but it has huge untapped potential. The Boston Globe predicts that geo-localisation will become more popular, with not only Foursquare-style check-ins, but also walk-bys.


Video is usually more powerful than 2-D text, as it has the ability to bring things to life. Online video hasn’t been used that much for marketing purposes yet, but it’s predicted to explode onto the marketing scene. According to, we tend to trust video more, as a person delivering a visual message seems more authoritative than reading it. It also grabs our attention and it appeals to our emotions, which makes it the perfect marketing tool. According to The Boston Globe, Americans watch 1.3 billion online videos per day. For a global perspective, 40% of online consumer traffic is video based and that is set to rise to 62% by 2015 (Cisco).

It’s clear that in order to have a successful marketing strategy, a dedicated online approach is needed. Content is king, as well as social media mentions to create brand awareness and build consumer relationships. This year will continue to show the untapped potential of both mobile and video marketing. So what are you waiting for? Get those campaigns online and watch your brand’s growth explode.

Ang Lloyd writes on behalf of Now Learning, an online education portal that promotes distance learning in Australia, including IT diplomas and marketing courses.

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  1. June 14, 2012

    Online marketing has begun to move forward and continuously influencing small and large business of today.

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