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Marketing Strategies That Many Webmasters Are Missing Out On

2012 November 29
by Contributor

When it comes to websites, the quote ‘build it and they will come’ really does not apply. Conversely in fat, if you build a website then it can take years of hard work before you amass a loyal fan base of readers who will visit regularly, and it can be longer than that before it starts making you any serious profit.

No matter how well you build your site then, marketing is absolutely crucial to ensure that you make the most of it and that it’s actually seen by people, and there are many strategies and techniques available to you that can help – particularly ones that you can use online. Here then we will look at a few different marketing strategies that a lot of webmasters forget that are a bit less obvious than just using SEO and PPC.

Video Marketing

Using a YouTube video is one highly effective way to inform people about your website. The fact of the matter is that often we don’t have the time or inclination to read a long piece of pros that’s aimed at promoting a product or site, but when we hear someone talking and see movement this tends to be much more engaging and allows a lot more information to be put across in a much shorter space of time.

As such then, if you can create a good video and get it seen on YouTube then this is a brilliant way to strengthen brand awareness and to get across information that otherwise could be a bit dull or dry.


If you are promoting your website and the only way you’re doing that is by using online advertising and link swaps then you are missing out on a huge audience that you could access through print media. Even the smallest magazines will typically have a circulation of around 30,000, so getting your site mentioned in there can do wonders for your hit counter. Just make sure to include editors in your press releases.

Free Gifts

Giving a free gift away from your website is a great way to get your name out there and to draw attention to yourself. This could be a mousemat with a logo on it, or a t-shirt with your URL on, but either way if your recipient uses it it will be free marketing for you while at the same time being a great way to win their gratitude.


If you run a website then there will be lots of networking events and tradeshows that you can attend which will provide you with ample opportunity to talk about your business and get media coverage. This is also a great opportunity of course to give away those aforementioned free gifts.


If you don’t have an app yet then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to promote your site. You can do this directly through an app by including a link directly to your site for the user to access from their mobile device, or even just rely on the app’s presence in the Play Store or iTunes to help get your name seen by thousands more people a day.

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