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Just What Is The Point Of LinkedIn? Why This Social Network Needs To Be Handled Differently In Your Marketing Strategy

2013 May 20
by Contributor

If you’re looking into social media marketing, chances are you’ll already be pretty comfortable with the idea of using popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google + to put out your messages, interact with your target audience, and make helpful new connections. These networks are where people connect with people they either know personally or admire, and share stuff that interests them. People use them for information, but also for entertainment and fun.

There is one major social network that doesn’t really fit with the others, however, and this means it often gets overlooked by people who could actually get a lot of benefit from including it in their marketing approaches. That social network is LinkedIn.

What is the Deal with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is touted as the professional social network. What this basically means is that it is designed to be used only for professional and business connections and interactions, and this means that rather than putting up profiles that tell you their favourite movies and bands, people put up profiles that read like a generic version of their resume.

There are no jokes and cat videos, or banter about sports teams, and people tend to connect with people they know in a working capacity rather than their mother and the guys they hang out with at the bar. Rather than following celebrities they look up to, people aim for connections with the biggest names in their industry and avidly follow what the top entrepreneurs have to say.

Where LinkedIn Can Help Your Business

The biggest area in which LinkedIn can help is when it comes to recruitment. If you are looking to expand your team, or you work in recruitment yourself, the expanded networks on LinkedIn (which allow you to get introductions to people your own connections know) give you a huge pool of talent to look at, as well as a chance to get a measure of the standards and requirements of the kind of people you’d like to hire.

LinkedIn is also great for helping you establish yourself and your business as true authorities on what you do. By joining professional groups on LinkedIn, you can show that you play an active part in discussions on your industry and the topics affecting it, as well as help other people find answers. This can really boost your reputation, as well as helping you meet a lot of useful new people!

Introducing LinkedIn to Your Social Strategy

It is easy and free to set up a new profile on LinkedIn. You may want to take a little longer with it than you would with a Facebook or Twitter account, because people will be looking at your profile as a summary of your skills and professional history. You can set up a page for your company, but most interactions are between individuals, so it is a good idea to have everyone on your team set up a profile which they then link to the business. You are then ready to begin looking for people you know, seeking out talent, and using LinkedIn to bolster your professional credibility!

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Debroah Rodriguez, the writer of this article, works for a leading legal recruitment company and she is quite enthusiastic about her work. Her hobbies include cooking and reading.

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