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[Infographic] Stealing the Jewels from Google’s Crown

2012 July 25
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by Ann Smarty

Blekko, Topsy, Kayak and Bing – never heard of them? Don’t worry; you will soon. These are just a small portion of the large number of companies trying to tackle the might that is Google.

You see, Google’s hold on the search engine market is as firm a bodybuilder’s torso, so the aforementioned companies – coupled with the others in the infographic – have developed their own USPs (Unique Selling Points) – and they’re starting to grow.

Google may be safe for now, but it knows it can’t sit on its laurels. If it does, we’ll all be visiting the sites seen on this infographic instead of the de-facto standard Google. It won’t take much for us to shift allegiances, so Google had better watch its back, because these sites aren’t messing about.

Under-estimate them at your own peril, Google.

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