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Upcoming IMN’s Global Indexing & ETFs: The Preeminent Investment Management Conference Coverage

2013 November 21
by Ann Smarty

IMN Global Indexing & ETF

Playing host to investment and fund managers of all kinds, the upcoming Information Management Network conference, dubbed “Global Indexing & ETFs: The Preeminent Investment Management Conference,” promises to provide three full days of lively discussion and debate, with new and fresh opportunities to connect with your peers.

If you work in the investment field, attending the IMN Global Indexing & ETFs conference is a must; here’s a look at what the event has in store and how you can best take advantage of it:

1. Take Advantage of Talks and Workshops

IMN Global Indexing & ETF

The most noteworthy aspect of the annual IMN Global Indexing & ETFs conference is the full schedule of varied and in-depth workshops that will be held throughout its three days, providing you with all of the educational tools that you need to stay ahead of the trends and changes in the field.

This year’s workshops will cover topics including:

  • Global Think Tank Presented by Bank of America/Merrill Lynch
  • Around The World In 45 Minutes
  • Global Markets and Credit Conditions: Lower Volatility and Thinner Tails
  • The Low Volatility Anomaly
  • Smart Beta Market Inefficiencies and How to Leverage Them
  • Alternative Indexing – Current Trends
  • The Role of Volatility
  • Managed Futures: Strategy Distinctions and Where They Fit in Traditional Portfolio Asset Allocation
  • Small Stocks, Big Returns
  • Hedge Fund Replication and Alternative Beta
  • Best Execution: How Do We Address This Concept and What Are The Implicit Challenges Practitioners Face?

2. Engage in Discussion and Debate

The world of investment policy is a complicated one, with ever-changing rules and opportunities, and that means that you’ll need to make a point to keep your mind sharp where your own business is concerned. Thankfully, there is no better way to achieve that than by engaging your peers in discussion and debate, something that this conference is particularly well known for.

With three full days of rubbing shoulders with the best and brightest of your colleagues on tap, you’ll find yourself with endless opportunities to break the complicated investment field down into its intrinsic points, helping you to become better at every facet of what you do.

3. Connect with Colleagues

As the last few years have shown, there is no better event than this one where padding your contact list is concerned, and you can expect to leave the IMN Global Indexing & ETFs conference with a long list of colleagues and potential clients ready to be taken advantage of.

4. Find Comfortable Digs

The event will happen on December 8 – December 10, 2013 in JW Marriott Camelback Inn on East Lincoln Drive. Whether you plan to stay at the Marriott Camelback Inn itself or a different hotel in the city of Scottsdale, you can find great rates on wonderfully comfortable accommodations at


All in all, spending three days at the IMN Global Indexing & ETFs conference will give you the opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of the investment game, even while connecting with ETF companies in order to find the products that work best for you and your clients. You’ll learn how to build better and more efficient portfolios with the insight that you’ll gain from the event’s breakout sessions and workshops, helping you to safely diversify and limit risks and making you a more successful investment manager in every sense of the term, whether you’re working only for yourself or for the financial benefit of others.

On top of all of that, you can expect to walk away from the conference with a long list of new colleagues to call upon for collaboration and new opportunities in the future, helping you to enter the new year with the toolkit and contacts that you need to ensure that you’ll enjoy your most successful 12 months ever.

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