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How To Use Chat Sites For Marketing Your Business

2013 May 30

Social marketing is becoming the better way to handle any kind of business transactions. It allows one to sell his products, market them and even crate potential client lists. A client list is what one can use to directly communicate with his customers via email or by contacting them directly. Below are some of the things you have to understand before venturing in social marketing?

Definition of social marketing

This is a form of internet marketing that implements social media networks. It allows the networks to inter communicate with each other making it possible for you to achieve your goals in a faster way and at the same covering a wide! Big audience. The aim of social media is to allow its users o share information, videos and even images. All one needs is an internet connection.

Chat sites to use

Most chat sites allow users to do whatever they want with their accounts on the condition that, they follow the set rules and policies (policies and agreement of the sites). Some of the chat sites to use are:


Facebook is a site that people visit on their free time. People will get bored if they open their Facebook pages an there you are with some boring marketing information. Remember this is a friendly environment. Begin by creating a Business Fan Page. Pay attention to the layout of your page so to attract more viewers. Once the page is done, keep it up to date and always update industry related information which you can either do it in form of an image, video or articles.


This is the new competitor. It allows one to upload links, videos and even sharing of photos. Zinzzchat has some added advantages like the “Zinzzchat circle.” This application will allow you to segment your users into smaller groups allowing you to share information with whoever you want. Other features are like; video chats, audio chats and etc. In my own opinion, Zinzzchat is better than Facebook as it has more added applications.


YouTube gets over 100 million viewers in a day. Create a video that will capture the viewer’s attention. Don’t post your video with the intention of it going viral. Instead focus on a message that will leave your viewers curious. You want them to buy your products and not entertain them.


This can be termed as a professional social marketing site. It’s a great venue for entering into professional dialogues with people who share the same concerns as you. Encourage your customers to give your business credit. Also browse the question section and answer the customer’s questions.

The recommendations from your customers will make your business to appear more legit.


Twitter is the fastest way to broadcast your message. Follow other users and in return expect the same. Make sure that whoever you follow has knowledge of what you do. Follow tweeters in your field of expertise.

Re-tweet whenever a customer says something positive. Answer any question that is directed to you and with time, you will be surprised to find more followers who are interested in what you have to offer.

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