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How To Make Your Online Store More Appealing To Different Types Of Customers?

2014 December 17
by Contributor

autumn-shopping-seasonIf you want to be successful as an online retailer, you need to learn how to get the attention and cater to the needs of different types of customers. There are a few ways of approaching this problem and in the following article we will focus on specific groups of customers and how you can change the design and functionality of your online store to fit their specific needs.

Wandering buyers

This group consists of shoppers, who visit your store without any specific goal in mind and they often leave the website without purchasing any product. This group is very active in terms of increased traffic, but they rarely place orders, so they bring the smallest profits for online retailers. However, if you are able to catch the interest of wandering buyers, you can significantly increase your revenues. What you need the most is an interesting design and attractive presentation of your products. You never know how much time a wandering buyer will spend visiting your website, so you need to make sure that your products are presented in an enticing way. Create a gallery with product photos and add pictures, which present your product in a fun and informative way. If possible, add a product video or a picture showing your product in use. Mark the most important features of your products with bold font to make them easily noticeable for visitors, who do not stay for long. Product reviews and discussions related to your products can also help in keeping the attention of wandering buyers and encouraging them to learn more about your offer.


Product researchers

A product researcher is a buyer, who spends weeks or months researching products before buying. The goal of the product researcher is to find the highest quality product, which satisfies the researcher’s needs and is available for a competitive price. Product researcher wants to know as much about the product, as possible, so your product descriptions should encompass all details. Avoid putting links to external sites instead of descriptions. Once a product researcher leaves your site there is no guarantee that he or she will return. Invest in Magento system web services and develop product pages to include product comparisons, up-selling and cross-selling options. Product researchers almost always seek the advice of product users, so make sure that your products are rated and reviewed by buyers. A persistent shopping cart is another useful option to consider – 20% of buyers declare that they use shopping carts almost like wish lists, saving their favorite products for later.

Product focused buyers

There are shoppers, who visit your online store already knowing what they want to buy. The most important functionality for product oriented buyers is search: it should be quick, with advanced browsing options and exact results. If product focused buyers can’t find desired product as quickly as possible, they will probably leave your site, so if necessary, hire Magento designer in Germany and improve the search page, adding advanced options. Product page should be clear and easy to read. The name and photo of the product should be the first two things the shopper sees. Intuitive navigation and quick checkout will also help you win product focused buyers over.

Marta Gromadzka is a writer and editor with a wide variety of experience, including writing for websites internationally and editing books on many different subjects and in a variety of formats.


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