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How to Get Your Business Bikini Ready

2013 April 30
by Contributor

Much like getting your body bikini ready for summer, your business needs the same sort of primping and pruning in order to get it looking its best. Brighten up your summer and get people excited about new products by getting your business bikini ready with these easy tips.


Nobody wants to see somebody in a skimpy bikini at the swimming pool when they have a body that is less than flattering. The same principle applies to your business; nobody wants to visit your business and see your product when it’s not looking its very best. Give your business the same work and dedication that a body needs and tone it up!

Slimming Down

Slimming down for your body is one thing but slimming down your company is something completely different. Now, don’t think that slimming down means laying people off and downsizing but rather it just means slimming down your computers and moving all of your excess files and client databases to another server. This will help speed up your existing hard drive and allow you to create an archival system that will help keep you organized.

Add Some Color

A toned and slim bikini body isn’t perfect without a tan. Add some color to your business and try giving it a new slogan, add some different marketing techniques, and give it that glow that will intrigue clients to come and see more! Companies often get into ruts and don’t know how to spice things up; don’t get into those harmful habits.

New Logo – If your logo is out of date or if you just didn’t spend the initial time on a logo that it deserves from the beginning, then meet with a marketing consultant to create something new and fabulous that represents your business in the best light.

New Slogan – Avoid cheesy jingles and kitsch-like slogans, and find a slogan that represents the essence of your company but draws people in.

Social Media – Once you have worked on “adding some color” to your business, now is the time to have fun with it and show it off on twitter, Facebook, instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn!

The Big Reveal

The best part about getting your body bikini ready, is showing it off when you’ve hit your peek! Apply the same mentality with your business and show off all of the hard earned work! If you have made a big transformational makeover to your business, throw a sexy and exciting event to show it off! After all, nothing shows off a good business quite like confidence!

Diana Galloway is an expert in online marketing, and though she enjoys researching and writing about social media, she specializes in SEO services in Vancouver, Calgary, and other cities throughout Canada.

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