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How to Generate High Traffic without Killing Yourself?

2011 November 21
by Contributor

To create a blog is a reasonably easy task. What is difficult is that what follows; generating traffic on your site. Some blogs have innumerable visitors every day, whereas others fail to attract even a handful of them. It all depends on the blogger as to how he or she designs and handles the blog.

Traffic usually depends on the nature, quality and content of the blog itself. What follows are a few steps that can be implemented and executed for generating traffic on your site or blog.


The content of your blog has to be creative, innovative and attractive. It has to be unique and different from the other sites around you. What you must always keep in mind is that, your blog is being read by a million people and your content must prove to be valuable and worthy to them, or else they always have an option of switching over to another site.

It is also worth mentioning that the language of your blog must be simple, grammatically correct, lucid, and also precise and crisp. The tone and mood should be lighthearted and entertaining. This might win the attraction of the audience and can accelerate the number of visitors.

Try to make your blog engaging and conversational. Introduce features like polls and interactive discussions that will make people visit your blog frequently. On our discount coupon blog that features weight watchers and nutrisystem discount deals, we make it a point that we always include features to receive user feedback.

Also make it a point to reply to every post and query of people so that a sense of informality is maintained throughout. Furthermore, the titles of your posts should be very catchy and attractive to secure the attention of the audience.


Design your blog as beautifully as possible. The display or layout of your blog should be clean, without being cumbersome. Blog design plays an important role in generating traffic on your site. Apart from the layout and design of the blog, it is necessary to focus on the posts as well. If posts are designed in a slightly different style, for instance, with images, videos and flashes, then it is natural that readers will take interest in them.

Incorporation of graphics in posts will lend an air of creativity to your blog, which will make it discreet from other existing blogs. Again, the font size should be a little bigger, so that people can have a quick preview at your articles. However, it should not be so big that it becomes awkward and ludicrous.

Technical aspects

As far as certain technicalities are concerned regarding the layout and design of the blog, it is advisable to use a caching plugin so that the speed of page loading gets faster. People do not have the time to wait for long and hence, if the page does not get loaded faster, then there are high chances of losing out visitors. Article interlinking is a feature which shall allow you to generate huge traffic on your site.

Apart from quality inbound links it is also necessary to link old and former articles with the newer ones so that the older articles get a fresh view once again. In this manner your blog will be under continuous surveillance of people and shall stand out uniquely in a crowed online market.

Moreover, updating older articles from time to time regarding products and services are also necessary. Thus, these few strategies and techniques regarding designing the blog and posts can be helpful in attracting more visitors to your site.


For effective blogging, it is necessary for a blogger to follow other blogs as well. This will automatically make people visit your blog from other blogs. Moreover, promoting and advertising your blog is also important.

You can link your blog with other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on. This interlinking of sites shall spread your blog to the huge web of social media and automatically traffic will be generated on your site. Thus, these simple steps can help you to attract visitors to your blog and consequently boost traffic considerably.

Jane has implemented the above methods to increase the traffic to her diet blog, where she features a Weight Watchers discount code. Jane’s interest in blogging about weight loss developed when she realized how overweight people’s lives can improve with proper nutrition and exercise. In Jane’s site you can also find a discount code for Nutrisystem, a program that has changed the health of more than 10 million people to the better.

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