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How To Check Your Online Reputation

2013 December 16
by Contributor

reputationDid you know that you may have an online reputation? If you’ve been active on the ‘net, whether it is social networking on sites like Facebook or simply blogging and commenting here and there, the chance of your name ‘being out there’ is a very real possibility. And it is a good idea to check on that reputation from time to time. It is the internet, you know, and there is just no telling what is being said!

Checking your online reputation is not difficult to do. In fact, there are several tools that can be useful in learning this information. You should look at these options and determine which you will use to check your reputation. In most cases it is more than one method that you will find to be most beneficial.

Google Alerts

Most people use Google Alerts to help them track their online reputation. What is Google Alerts? This is a system offered, of course, from Google. With this tool you can sign up to receive an email when a particular search phrase of your choosing shows up in a Google indexed search. You can use any phrase that you choose, though most people choose to use their company name. You can be informed with Google Alerts as it alerts you to video comments, blog pages, news stories and more.

Search Yourself

You can also use Google (and any of the many other search engines) to look up information for yourself. Simply type in your name or company with any other keywords that you hope to pull up to discover any results that are out there. Just as you can search through the search engine, you can also search images from Google as well.

Keep Track of Social Networking

If you involve yourself with sites designed for social networking, like Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn, you will want to keep track of what is going on and being said on these sites, too. While a #hashtag can certainly be used to help you quickly find your name or mentions of your company on these sites, what about those occasions when they are not used? You can still find out what is going on. Use a service such as ‘Me on the Web’ from Google. One click and in an instant this information is at your disposal.

What Have You Seen?

Asking friends and family to keep track of anything they see about you or your company is also an idea that will ensure that you know what is being said. Now, this is not the most reliable method of all and you will certainly want to also use the other methods of checking your reputation. But this is certainly a great way to get things going and have an extra hand on your side. Most of the time your family and friends will be more than happy to help you keep an eye out for such things.

Do Not Wait to Learn

Checking your online reputation is something that you should do on a regular basis. There are many negative comments that could cause grave danger to your name or that of your business, and addressing it quickly is an absolute must. The only way to address those issues is to be aware that they are there. Once discovered, here are some of the steps that you can take.

  • Start a blog. If you have a blog people can easily see the latest and put any worries of something that has been read to ease.
  • Maintain Social Networking Sites. They are where it is at these days, and if you want to make a large presence known where open and fast communication with fans is possible, social networking is what you need to involve yourself with.
  • Respond to all information that you find. Remember to act positively even if the information is not so kind. You will find a lot more respect this way.
  • Prove yourself. If there is negative information the best way to respond to it is to prove that it is untrue or that you are working to resolve the issues at hand.

Make sure that you know what is being said about you and check your online reputation often.

Pritam Nagrale is an online marketer from Mumbai. He is blogging at Jobs8Home where he writes about small business tips & make money ideas.

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  1. December 24, 2013

    Wow, never every thought of checking the reputation online till I came across this post. Very nice and informative. Will surely try it out.

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