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How to Build Credibility as a Blogger for your Blog?

2011 December 28

You are not generating enough sales from your affiliate campaigns and others are making lots of money promoting the same products.  Why does this happen?  Have you ever though that your competitor is earning much more than you can think with same amount of traffic?

These are simple questions and you should really worry about it. The basic difference between your blog not earning handsome money and your competitor accumulating thousands of dollars every month is due to credibility.

Credibility of a website or a blogger plays an important role and if you are an established blogger who has proven his credibility to its users, you are bound to succeed.  Your blog should be credible, your content should be credible, the products your promote should be credible and everything you do on your blog should be credible.  It is as simple as that.

There are more crooks in the web space trying out to fool people with poor quality product, information or services compared to the credible websites. No buyer is interested in buying a product which is recommended by “ANY” blogger whom he doesn’t know and has never heard of.  You have to build your credibility overtime and not overnight.  What will gain your credibility? Being an  expert in your niche and promoting genuine high quality products.  It takes time to gain trust of your readers and to be recognized as an expert of your business. How do you build credibility?

Below are few effective steps which you can take to increase your credibility :

Be Transparent – It is the first & the most important step.  You have to be TRANSPARENT in whatever you do.  Share with your readers about your earnings, your honest opinions, sources of your income, etc.  This will be a big step towards building credibility and it is best advised not to hide anything from your reader which can have a damaging effect on your credibility.  The simple rules – The more you are transparent, more trustworthy you are.

Build Relationships with Other Credible Sources – If you are to gain trust of your readers, you need to be in the group of trustworthy people.  You will have to build relationships with credible & successful people in your niche. It will be easy for you to prove your credibility by being in the company of credible people.  You can achieve this easily through Guest Blogging.

Never be a Fake – It would not be possible for you to build credibility on the basis of a fake identity.  I would recommend you to blog about things you know and avoid entering into areas where you are not an expert.  Blogging is not an easy work and if you get into blogging on unknown niche, you are more like to fail & your credibility will also be at stake.

Share your Achievements – It is good to share your achievements which will be a self-testimonial of your work.  You can share about your qualifications in the respective field, your projects, books, awards, press releases on reputed newspaper or websites, etc.

Share About You – The buyers always wants to know about the owner of the product or blog while buying any product.  If you are hiding behind a fake identity, you are doing injustice to your customer and readers.  It is important to reveal about yourself on the “About” page of your blog with a photograph of yours.

These are simple ways to increase credibility but ignoring these things will surely affect you in the long-run.  It is difficult to build credibility as a blogger and you will require lot of patience & hard work.

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