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How a Blogger Should Stay Fit and Healthy

2011 July 5

When you are blogging fulltime and writing on 3 or 4 websites all day and every day, finding time to work out and exercise can seem next to impossible.  And to make matters worse, when you are overloaded with work and stuck at the computer for hours on end it’s actually bad for your health.  Here are some helpful tips for giving your body the exercise and nutrients it needs so you can keep writing the best blog posts of all time.

Taking care of your eyes

When you are staring at a computer screen that is 2 feet in front of you for extended periods of time, it’s time to give your eyes a break.  At least every 15 minutes try to stare at an object that is further away than your computer desk.  If you are near a window you should focus on something that is as far away as you can see.  Then start changing your focus from near to far objects in quick succession.

This allows the muscles in your eyes to have some exercise so they don’t get too used to being focused on the same near object.  It’s also a good idea to work in a well lit room so your screen is not the brightest thing in your office.    Also, staring at a bright screen for extended periods of time can hurt your nighttime vision so try to take quick breaks and turn down the brightness if you need to.  Don’t make it too dark though.  If it’s too dark it will make matters worse as you try to squint to read the screen.

Getting your blood flowing

About every hour I try to get up from my computer desk and do some physical activity to get the blood circulating.  You don’t have to lift heavy weights or do any running unless you want to.  Just a simple set of jumping jacks, pushups, or even stretching can be great for your body.

You want to do anything to break the monotony of sitting in a chair.  I find that stretching helps to get the blood flowing and it also helps to keep me from getting too stiff when I have a long day of typing up blog posts.  Try to reach for your toes and stretch your legs out.  It might hurt a little if you are not flexible but it feels great when you are done.

Watch your posture

Many people have gotten carpal tunnel from keeping their hands and arms in the same place for long periods of time on a daily basis.  As much as you should try not to slouch, you should also try to keep an active sitting position.  This means you don’t get stuck in the same exact pose.  Move around in that chair, or you can try sitting on one of those large exercise balls.

This will give your body a slight work out with your stabilizer muscles while allowing you to move around for your health as well.  You probably already know not to slouch, as this will cause back pain later on, but it’s one thing to know it and another to avoid doing it.

Enjoy your blog

Let’s face it.  Blogging is not always a bowl of cherries, and some days you just don’t feel like writing.  It’s important not to get too stressed out about your site.  There will be times when you can’t figure something out, when your site will crash, or when spammers will flock to you.  Take everything in stride and hire people to do the things that stress you out.

Stress is not only bad for your blog; it’s bad for your health.  Most of all, make sure you backup your blog daily to avoid pulling your hair out if something goes awry.

Phillip is a writer for a dental health website where you can find ways to get teeth grinding mouth guards in case your blogging stress starts to cause bruxism.

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  1. July 8, 2011

    Hahaha. You got me jumping out my sit to stretch. I agree with you that sometimes it’s too stressful to write a blog. Thanks for these tips. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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