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Going From A Blogger To A Published Author

2012 July 26
by Contributor

If you are a serious blogger then you can become a published author. This is very important because up to 80% of the US population have a dream of ever publishing a book in their lifetime.

In reality, it is only 2 per cent of them end up writing books. The bloggers have an ability to write three or four books every year without knowing it. These people have created a ton of information which can be converted into a book. Later on many bloggers regret of not ever using the resources at their disposal. This is a great mistake they should plan to write a book.

Have an Overview of your Book

A good plan for bloggers is to that they should plan to write a good content for a book. Write the sections of the book every people and post them as a blog. When blogging this way, you will produce the manuscript and a group of fans for your book. These fans will read your blog and later on even purchase the final product of your digital or hardcover book.

Remember that every time your write a blog, you also become a publisher. You actually become a publisher every time you hit on the publish button. The only difference is that you do not produce a book.

Some people say if you are a businessman, a book is the best business card you can hand over to your prospective client or customer. A book is known to make you an expert in your field. This is because; many authors do extensive research before embarking on the act of writing a book. When you blog a book, you become a though leader. This is why blogging a book is the best way to boost your core business.

How to Blog a Book

When you are blogging a book, you must handle the content of the blog with the same energy as that which is required when you are writing a book starting from scratch. It is recommended that you choose your topic well based on marketability and competition on the bookstores and the blogging world.

It is then paramount for you to schedule your content well so that the content fits each chapter of your book with blocks containing some 500 words each. Use a promotional campaign. This can be done on both traditional and the social media.

How to Blog a Short Book

Because of some reasons, you might find that blogging a complete book becomes overwhelming. If that is the case, then you should try writing a shorter book. This is a bit easier because you only plan on a series of posts. You can write that daily for a period of one month. This way you can build the best selling eBook.

In blogging a short book, it is important to remember to find an interesting topic which is providing solutions for various problems. Provide answers to some questions that interest your readers.

Blogging is a nice business for any aspiring author because you will build a fan base. This is what you need in order to reach a level where you will publish a great book. You do not have to get a great publishing deal. The fans who read your blog will be enough to purchase your books because this is it is written by their favorite blogger.

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