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Get Your Business Recognised With Facebook

2011 March 4
by Contributor

Facebook started in a college dorm room on almost no budget at all as nothing more than a way to interact with college friends. Today, the creator is the youngest billionaire in the world and the platform is an excellent way to get out the word about your business. The trick is to provide useful content and interact with your fans.

The Power of the Social Web

You may think that social networking is just for kids, or that having a presence on Facebook can’t help your business. You could not be more wrong. Facebook is the driving force behind many new start ups, websites and people. With technology the way it is today, having a profile on Facebook may be the difference between getting new customers or not. Here’s an example of how easy it is for Facebook to play a vital role in your business plan:

Two friends are involved in a conversation. One of them says to the other what a great deal she got on her new (laptop/phone/baby blanket/anything) through this new business she found on Facebook. The friend asks the name of the company, as she does this she’s pulling out her phone. The first woman replies with the name, and the friend immediately joins the Facebook page for the business, getting access to the same deals.

In just a few seconds, that business got a new potential customer without them ever having set foot in the establishment. This person just willingly asked the business to advertise their special to her, every day, no matter where she is. Chances are, she’ll be buying their products. How can you capitalise on this new and exciting technology?

Have a Plan

With today’s mobile technology, you can get in touch with someone on Facebook literally anywhere. At home on their computer, in the office on a laptop or on the road through their smart phone; customers spend a good deal of time on Facebook. To use this to help you, you need a plan.

Make sure to have goals and an effective strategy to reach those goals. Your biggest goal should be how to attract new members to your Facebook page. Make posts that are relative to your target audience, consider implementing competitions and use Facebook ads and special offers. Above all, be creative!

It’s Not Easy

Nothing worth it is easy, and Facebook takes work as well. Unless you’re already famous, you’re going to be working pretty hard to attract those new users and get them buzzing about you.

Remember That It’s About the People

It’s a give and take relationship. You have to give the people something they want and keep them engaged to attract more members.

Don’t just post ads upon ads for your customers because they’ll stop listening. Post a hint or some advice in between your ads and you’ll see the number of comments and ‘likes’ on your posts start to rise.

If you’re not ready to read and reply to your users, now is not the time to start a social networking campaign. If you’re not replying to your members posts, they’ll eventually stop paying attention to you, or worse, think your business/website no longer exists.

Content Is King

If you’ve got good content, your members are more likely to share it. They might also comment or ‘like’ it. This is where the real power of the platform comes in. Their friends can see what they like, comment on or share and they’ll be prompted to go look at it as well. If all you’re doing is posting ads or blowing your own trumpet, they’re not going to share as much.

Facebook works the best when you make posts that are relevant to your readers and not all about you.

Keep the Page Alive

Keep your page active, updated and post regularly. There are neglected Facebook pages all over Facebook, and their stats speak for themselves. If your newest post is 4 months old, it’s time to delete the page.

If you come across a page for a business and notice that it hasn’t been touched in a long time, what is your first thought going to be? For most it’s going to be “They must have gone out of a business.” Facebook can be a powerful tool in your arsenal, but if you don’t use it, it can’t help you.

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  1. Anderson permalink
    March 4, 2011

    I agree facebook is now a very essential platform for your business branding. But it’s not really easy to promote your business through facebook. You have to do something special or creative along with a good quality content regular updates and that creativeness is totally depends on you. It’s you inner skill and ability that allow you to take benefits of such great platform for spectacular results.

  2. Michael Harrington permalink
    March 6, 2011

    I had never thought about using Facebook for advertising. I am definitely going to look into it seriously.

  3. June 23, 2011

    @Resorts in bandipur: I agree with you. Facebook may seem easy but theres not much that you can do with it. You need hardwork so that you will go noticed.

    Social Media has reached a status of being beneficial in promoting business. This is quite great because they are free and of course popular!

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